The Nerve Agent Saga – A Reply To Gerard Batten MEP

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8 Responses

  1. forthurst says:

    Gerard Batten is our Brexit expert and our European ‘allies’ want to steal our fish; they are the ones trying to do us harm. The useless Tory government needs to focus on standing up to the thieves next door.

    This whole exercise looks like a deliberate distraction from the appallingly bad negotiations being conducted by the Tories. One only has to ask cui bono to realise that a hit on a busted double agent is hardly likely to be Mr. Putin’s idea of grand strategy in his dealings with the globalist criminals that own ‘Western’ foreign policy.

  2. Barrie says:

    100%” true but UKIP is now to become UKEDL.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    On the question of Russia, you pays your money and takes your choice ! I am not happy that we don’t have proof that Russia is guilty, and what Jeremy Corbyn said makes sense, ( in his case, its probably for the first time ). Then again, Russia has some previous history on this, but that can only be seen in the case of Salisbury, as circumstantial !
    I can understand why Russia would want to murder a spy, but I don’t understand the use of a nerve agent, that will almost certainly have ‘collateral damage’ to others ! Is a bullet to the head now considered to be out of fashion with assassins ? There is then the question of how was the nerve agent administered to the target ?
    Then there is the fact that politics is a mucky business, and if too much interest is being taken on a subject that might be embarrassing to Government, a bigger story will take the pressure off, and divert media attention ! If a Russian agency did this in our country, then for sure, action is required, but Bojo making a link of Hitler’s Olympics to Putin’s World Cup is just stupid, in the light of 25 million Russians killed by Germany !
    Without all details being known, you pays your money and takes your choice ! ! !

    • Anjela Kewell says:

      Yes I agree. The fact that Boris openly insulted so many Russian people who will still remember what they went through in WWII, it was a disgraceful thing to say. But again I think this is the propaganda ratcheting up to take the heat off Mrs May. All the papers are now saying how strong she is. However, it is often the weakness of a bully who threatens another without any reason to do so. It is often the action of a bully who wants what someone else has. A weak leader doesn’t suddenly become strong. In the case of Russia I think the USA and Germany want to destabilise a strong country whose people respect their leader. The politicians need a distraction because so much is going wrong with Brexit and within the EU.

      I really hope this doesn’t get out of hand because Russia has many powerful friends around the world and when Germany realises their gas and electricity may well be cut off I suspect they will turn on UK.

  4. David Skinner says:

    Exactly so a bullet has always been the weapon of choice to eliminate defectors to the West, especially when it can be made to look like suicide. And wasn’t “suicide” the cause of Dr Kelly’s death?
    This may sound like conspiracy but recently Salisbury was the centre of an investigation into the possibility of the former Conservative MP, Ted Heath, being linked to Satanic Ritual abuse and the murder of boys on his yacht, “Morning Cloud”. Operation Conifer had come up with credible evidence that he would have been investigated over 19 separate incidences between 1961 and 1992. Mike Veale the highly respected Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, who was leading the investigation into Ted Heath, has since been removed to the Cleveland police force after being accused of wasting tax payers’ money by a retired Judge who in turn was advised by a transgender criminologist, Richard Hoskins, whose testimony seems central to the closing down the investigation. But when one realises that Richard Hoskins is also a transgender woman, Rachel Hoskins, who him/her/itself came under demonic forces whilst in Africa, one realises that dark forces are operating here.
    Speaking of a personal tragedy whilst in Africa with the death of a twin daughter he said, “There is a bridge to be crossed when stepping into a strange culture, and once crossed there is no way back. If I made that sacrifice, I would cease to be Western. I would open a door in my mind – and perhaps in my soul – to alien demons. Though he claims that he did not cross “that” bridge into the world of demons, I believe he did, evidence by the death of his second twin daughter, the break up of his marriage and finally his flip, flopping from being Rachel to Richard.
    There is something rotten not just in Salisbury, but in Westminster at the heart of our government.
    What better way to divert attention away from Ted Heath than a conspiracy worthy of the novels of John le Carre.

  5. Anjela Kewell says:

    Gerard Batten is being very diplomatic. However, it is a tough call. Most Kippers seem to think Russia has been demonised. It also seems that many citizens are now laughing about this situation as we receive conflicting information.

    My guess is we stay clear of discussing this until the evidence has been collated and the investigation concluded. However, we also know that evidence and investigations can be distorted and misrepresented to suit the outcome required. Tony Blair stopped an inquest into David Kelly within hours of his body being discovered. Almost as if he knew what was due to happen. The investigation that followed was seen by the public as a whitewash. I suspect that is how the public will now see any investigation into the Salisbury incident.

  6. Informed says:

    What possible motive does our Government have for telling the truth?
    Yes I’m that cynical.

    Just because the Tories and everyone else is saying it was Putin, doesn’t mean it was. It is highly likely it was a Russian oligarch/mafia unconcerned with the ‘fallout’ (sic). The nerve agent used was exotic specific and political – to send a message to former spies (traitors) to Russia.
    Unlike we Brits, Russians are very patriotic like that.

    No, the reason for the Tories to call it (even before it was properly tested) was to keep strong ties and alliances with the EU, in order to affirm our committent to PESCO and their new EU Army, Navy and Air force – to the detriment of NATO.
    Remember its the Tories and the Home Office who are infested with pro-Europeans who ‘deeply regrets’ Brexit – and who do anything for even more closer ties to Brussels!

    UKIP should not align themselves with the Government on this.

    • Alec Yates says:

      I agree Informed and like you I am cynical like you of anything this government says. I posted the following on Breitbart earlier today in response to a member’s post.

      Soros and various other malevolent influences….”

      Ah I think you have put your finger on it there Horace. My wife and I disagree about the Salisbury poisoning incident, she says it must have been the Russians. It could be but the government has to prove the following, the What, the When, the Who and the Why.

      So far they have only proved the What and the When, the Who has been cloaked in words like ‘almost certainly and most probably’ and there has been nothing about the Why.

      So my conclusion so far is that it could be a another party trying to sow discontent between Russia and the West. We know that Soros has been prominent in trying to stop Brexit. He also wants China as the biggest world power, saying that the way to bring the Chinese into the NWO is to have them help create it and to give them “ownership” of it.

      So could the above answer the Who and the Why?

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