“Stay Awake”! Jacob Rees-Mogg To Brexiteers

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Many Thanks for the advice Moggy, but you should know that we Kippers have zero trust in Maggie May ! You, Sir, have the only sparkle in your otherwise very dark Party on the EU issue, and that is why we regard you as a friend.
    The PM and the whole Brexit team, are watched with caution by Kippers. They have their fingers in the talks, and may well have views that are not 100% Leave ! On the other hand, you are clear of involvement with the EU, and free to comment as you see fit. Thankfully their are others, but they are keeping their powder dry !

  2. Rob Bryant says:

    If JRM was really opposed to what his party leader was doing and forcing him to support them he would resign his seat, as that other alleged Brexiteer DAVID Davis once did on a ridiculous pretext, and fight the by-election on a Walk Away Now platform.
    Would the Tory party oppose him on a Give Brussels Everything latform, and hope to win?
    I think they know they’d then look like the traitors we know them to be, and also they wouldn’t.
    Or are the CCHQ that stupid?

  3. Chris Dark says:

    JRM has a problem in that his constituency voted to remain in the EU; 60,000+ voted remain, 44,000+ voted leave. How those figures might have changed now, I don’t know, given the government’s faffing and messing about over the past two years. Lot of rich people in Bath, but not so in the rural areas of BANES.

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