UKIP LEADERSHIP: Give Me One Year – Batten To Members

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11 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It is my hope Gerard, that this leadership election will be unopposed, so that no strain is placed upon finances of the Party, as well as good sense and unity can prevail. ( The Party could do with that as a change ! ).
    You have already made your mark, as our finances have been pulled off the red line, but only just. It is clear that there is much more to do with that item ! So good on yer Sir. You certainly have my support, and Thank you !

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Gerard has already said he wants to retire when all the MEPs come home from the EU parliament and who can blame him.
    What he is suggesting is eminently sensible but what will all those constitutional and rules freaks have to say about once again postponing an election on the grounds of common sense ?
    Let’s hope no other wannabee leader will throw their hat in the ring and force an election.
    Mind you if an election costs in the region of £30,000 and we have four candidates then the money they are required to submit with their applications will offset a large part of that expense.

  3. Barrie says:

    Unbelievable the end of Democracy in Ukip. No reasonable thinking adult could ever condone what Ukip now has become. The conditions for leader is stitched up to prevent any opposition to truly the GESTAPO.

  4. Andrew Garcarz says:

    So the party rule book and constitution can go out of the window then? Yeah

  5. Helena Windsor says:

    Sorry, but what are Barrie & Andrew thinking about? Part and parcel of our woeful unpreparedness for the local elections, a contributory factor to our financial crisis and a definite major contribution to our slide in the polls and membership has been the leadership farce since 2016.
    Thanks to sensible cost cutting and members’ generosity Gerard has turned our finances around in a few short weeks. If, big if, Gerard is elected unopposed – there is a leadership election gentlemen – a period of stability will help get us back on track with voters AND give those of us absolutely 100% committed to a grassroots up, democratic structure with no more gerrymandering of assembly lists or conditions for leader changing each time – currently every few months – a chance to act.
    At our AGM in early Feb my members, outraged at the Bolton affair and how he could have made it through the selection process, with his missed marriage and massaged CV, unanimously passed 2 motions which then went to the NEC. The first was that contenders should have been members for at least 5 years (ring any bells?). Our regional officer, who was our speaker, warned them that this would bar some quite popular potential candidates, they voted in favour anyway. The second motion was for better vetting of candidates.
    As it happens, if Gerard were to serve for another year some of those good folk we all know and love will pass the 5 year mark. I also happen to think the requirement to have held office/stood in elections should stay for the forseeable future. If Gerard brings on the policy spokesmen properly in this period, who knows, currently hidden talents may come to the fore and we could have a clear leader for the post Brexit years waiting in the wings by May 2019.

  6. John Ferguson says:

    GB seems a solid & sound bloke. But I am sure to many, this has all the appearance & characteristics of just another hated EU transition deal. To which our usual refrain is, why don’t they just get on with it.

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