NATHAN RYDING: The Labour Party Has A Problem With Anti-Semitism, But Few Understand What This Means For Britain

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  1. Grumpy Owl says:

    Yet another article about Labour’s “anti-Semitism” which fails to mention Islam.

    The Labour Party is very much “Pro-Islam” in the way that it panders to Islam in order to get Muslim votes.

    Islam’s Quran has numerous texts that can be considered Anti-Jew, so is it really any surprise that the Labour party is facing these anti-Semitic accusations?

    Pro-Islam = Anti-Semitic

    Once again, like the Muslim rape-gang scandals, the elephant in the room that is Islam is being brushed under the carpet by the Labour Party.

    • Tony T. says:

      Yes, that was my first thought too.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Yes, Grumpy Owl, that elephant has become so gigantic that it takes all the hypocritical mainstream parties in the West to ignore its existence and there is no carpet in the world large enough to sweep its dung under, never mind the whole elephant.

      It’s no real surprise that Labour is raddled with anti-Semitism. It’s a toxic brew of Hard-Left ‘intellectual’ Israel-haters; Hamas/Hezbollah terrorist sympathisers; and muslim Jew-haters (it’s part of their ‘religion’, see Ch 9 of koran) who are Labour’s client voters and party members. Many of these muslims are Labour-supporting community leaders instructing others, especially the women, how to vote, Labour councillors, Labour mayors, MPs, peers and rich businessmen pouring money into Labour coffers.

      Your equation is correct: Labour = pro-islam = anti-Semitic. And they have the bloody nerve to accuse patriots and Brexit-supporters of being ‘racist’! Are there any Jewish people who remain in the Labour party, apart from dozy Ed Miliband?

  2. Thank you so much for this, perhaps we should as a party resurrect UKIP Friends of Israel Facebook Group.
    It may get more UK Jews to join us.

    • Jake Bennett says:

      If we are to have a UKIP Friends of Israel then in all fairness there should be a UKIP Friends of Palestine too.

      • forthurst says:

        Actually we should have neither; I belong to the United Kingdom Independence Party because my interest and concern is my country not someone else’s. We should actively discourage people from joining our party whose patriotism is directed towards a foreign land.

        • Pamela Preedy says:

          Well said, forthurst. It is one’s own country and countrymen/women that come before anyone else’s, a Patriotic approach that the mainstream parties fail to adopt.

        • Jake Bennett says:

          Forthurst – I do agree with you. I don’t care if they are Jews or Islamic or Gypsies or any other minority they all must conform with our laws or bugger off.

  3. Barrie says:

    Ukips GESTAPO tactics in taking down democratically elected leaders and installing it’s unelected illustrious leader then denying the grassroots members their right to a vote is not helping the cause against a corrupted establishment.

  4. Jake Bennett says:

    Nathan You state. “The individuals who are shouting this propaganda out are not only having their comments ignored, they are shutting down free speech and are going unpunished themselves as well”.

    If you are so concerned about free speech then these people should be able to say exactly what they want within the law even though you may not like what they say.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      In the case of politicians/ would-be politicians, what they think and say should be fully exposed and publicised so that people can decide whether to vote for them or not. Those who put themselves up for election are entitled to free speech, but they will face the consequences, either positive or negative.
      Private citizens are entitled to free speech too, but it seems that as soon as politicians get power they want to suppress or eradicate free speech by means of false legalities such as ‘hate speech’ also referred to as ‘hate crime’. Those subjective laws were introduced courtesy of the last Blair-led corrupt Labour government and neither has been repealed by the Tories since they came to power.

      • Jake Bennett says:

        Pamela Of course your observations are correct. Free speech does not exist now in this country and much of this is because of the desire of the political and ideological elites to reshape Britain into a multi-cultural society the control of which necessitates different laws for different peoples. Thus minorities request not only equality with the majority but also privileges in this brave new world.
        Lets face it the poor Christians in this country have to put up with insult after insult of their religion so why not Jews and Muslims too.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    As a generality Nathan, what you have stated is correct. I view the stance of the Labour Party these days, as being decidedly non British, and is yet one more reason for me to find no appeal with them at all.
    As I have stated elsewhere in Kipper Central, although I have little interest in Labour, it was once an alternative political view. What it has become under Jeremy Corbyn is a total disgrace !

  6. Andrew Werner says:

    The level of public discussion of anti-Semitism, including this article, is immature and purile. All I ever hear or read about is censorship, sacking and banning people for expressing it. Anyone following mainstream discussion of the subject could be forgiven for thinking that antisemitism began in 1930s Germany.

    In fact, antisemitism has been around for millennia. Jews have been hated, persecuted, and expelled from nations throughout history at least 359 times. King John expelled Jews from Britain in 1290, and they were not readmitted until around 1700 by Oliver Cromwell.

    Setting aside party political squabbles, we cannot begin to understand and deal with antisemitism unless we enter into dialogue with both antisemites and Jews, and examine the facts and statistics regarding the history and actions of Jews and their host nations.

    The mainstream narrative on this has all the deep nuance of Orwell’s Animal Farm: ‘Two legs good, four legs bad’

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