The Unconstitutional European Arrest Warrant – PART 2

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Our involvement with the European Arrest Warrant continues for as long as we are in the EU. This is why a total exit from the EU is so important. The intended method of taking all EU Law into British Law, and then raising cancellation of items that do not sit well with our own ways, is fine in principal and can be done when our own, ‘Stand Alone Sovereignty’ has been re-established, as marked by result of the referendum.
    Magna Carter and Habeas Corpus have become the foundation of so much British Law, that it is self evident that these foundation Laws are taken as our Constitutional Status. The very use of the word ‘Foundation’ is accurate, as an adjustment or addition to a building, does not start by the alteration to the building’s foundations ! It is also a fact that our history, by way of Law, is older and very different to French or European, and is therefore to my mind, superior to that brought about by the times of Napoleon.
    This is my view on the matter, with apologies for not being in any way versed in legalism !

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