OPINION: We Don’t Do God…..-Part 2

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8 Responses

  1. Mike Moore says:

    Best thing I have read all Easter weekend, pithy,but stunningly correct. A damming indictment of the political classes that seek to govern us !!

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    The fact that Tony B. Liar and his cronies have said that ‘”they don’t do God”proves once and for all how shallow they are. It’s the sort of throwaway comment that a sulky, uninformed teenager might make.

    British society, traditions and way of life have been based on Christian principles for over 1000 years and encompass things such as the concepts of fairness, justice, honesty, compassion, truthfulness, love for one’s fellow man (and woman). Christianity doesn’t encourage wife beating, execution of apostates, stoning to death of ‘adulterers’, the cutting off of hands, unofficial religious courts, the murder of gay people etc, etc, etc.

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    Oh and a PS
    Others who didn’t ” do God” include such noteworthies as Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, who between them murdered over 100 million people. Does Jeremy Corbyn “do God”? (Oh no, I forgot, he’s too busy facilitating, aiding and abetting and otherwise enabling Jew baiters in his so-called ‘party’.)

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Centuries ago, Islam entered Spain with the view of that being the first step into Europe. ( The rather long film El Sid gave some cover to this history ). Spain was a Nation back then in history, that we used to beat in wars on land and sea, so can anyone tell me why, today, we have to bend our Laws to give accommodation to Muslims ? We used to be somewhat stronger than Spain back in history, but the Spanish moved Islam out, while today it seems that UK/GB bow and scrape to these people, being afraid to hurt their feelings ! Can someone tell me why this is so ?

  5. Marilyn Catling says:

    What are we without our faith? We are cynical, unhappy wanderers in a world that we feel lonely in. This is the biggest test of our ‘leaders’ this century. It isn’t leaving the EU, it isn’t the NHS crisis and it isn’t politics at all……it is our Country’s faith….or lack of it. We have always been a Christian nation, and that has been the backbone of our people. Without it, we are on shaky ground. Being agnostic is bad enough….but being Muslim? I would love to know what the Church of England is doing to bolster numbers. Is it really going to be down to Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins to alert the church to the Islamic takeover of Britain? What is the Archbishop of Canterbury doing to help the Christians of this country to say how they feel, without being arrested? Does anybody know????? I rest my case.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      First of all Marilyn, Islam is not a religion ! Check the facts of Mohamed and Jesus ! Islam is at best a memorial to a blood soaked leader, who did bring unity, but by fear, and, did not have the whit to be clear about who should take up leadership when he died of old age ! A good argument could be made for Islam being Satanic !
      No point in wishing that Christian leadership will help. Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope have independently made clear, no doubt in the hope of peace, that Allah and Almighty God are one and the same. In doing so they have put man before God, and no doubt will have to give account for that in due course !

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    The reason we can no longer act against the ‘enemy in our midst’, is because of the pathetically politically-correct so -called governments of one stripe or another, Labour, Conservative or coalition, who have been in charge over the last 30 years. The British native population is notoriously tolerant and long-suffering, due to our Christian principles. (Which is nothing to be ashamed of). Fact – you are not allowed to show a Christian symbol in Saudi Arabia, you can be arrested and thrown in prison for smuggling a Bible into the country, you can be imprisoned for any word, however innocent, that criticises Islam or the Prophet, you are not allowed to build any sort of Christian church or place of worship in the country. Fact – mosques have been thrown up all over Europe, without any word of criticism from Western European governments. Also the Saudi Arabian government is putting aside money for another 300 mosques to be built in the near future in Europe. As Donald Trump said, “What the hell is going on?”

    As for the Anglican so-called archbishops, between them they have publicly doubted the existence of God (it’s only an abstract concept for mediaeval peasants) stated that you don’t have to believe in the miracles or the Resurrection to be a Christian, have stated that Sharia courts should be allowed across the UK, have accepted that being gay accords with Christian beliefs (it doesn’t – read the Bible), have accepted gay clergy into the church, have accepted gay marriage in churches (there is no such thing as gay marriage, by definition).

    Now I’m not being homophobic ( a made-up expression)

  7. John Wright says:

    Having read the excellent, but very troubling post by Vivian Evans & the thus far!, seven good comments. One can only assume that, regardless of we British Native’s well known tolerance of the many pressures “inflicted upon us!” The time is coming when we will have no choice but to reject turning the other cheek & will have to stand-up to be counted! Our Country has become the “dumping ground” of the World & we continue to import daily the worst elements of Europe, Africa & the wider World without our Political leaders & their henchmen having the slightest concern, but rather, seem far more interested in denying the very last vestiges of the hard won rights & privileges we Brits once had? This alone shames those who’ve knowingly & energetically set themselves against We Citizens of Britain but even worse, have actively sought to destroy the very concept of our Britishness by their craven cowardice in defending every non Christian, ethnic entity using the full force of the law & employing an outright but subtle terror campaign to oversee our total observance & compliance in all matters concerning this Islamic invasion of our Country? Britain is a tiny Country, yet is the most congested in Europe & if our idiotic politicians have their way & continue to defer to Mrs Merkel & the EU, our Country will continue to grow more unbearable & more unmanageable by the month! They apparently?, cannot see this, yet one hardly needs a crystal ball to conjure-up visions of the future, we see it, watch it & hear it every day & for all the wisdom of we ordinary people, our supposedly great & good?, ignore or reject every sign, every quite obvious indicator & perhaps most dangerously, the growing feeling of helplessness & the accompanying anger which, like the miasmatic odours emanating from volcanic magma are but the precursor of an inevitable eruption! If our politico’s don’t dramatically change their ways by continuing to ignore we who elected them & doggedly pursue the Politically Correct mantra’s that have already de-stabilised our Country, they run the risk of not having a Country to run? Our good nature & tolerance has reached breaking point & can lead to dreadful unrest & far worse! Is that what they want?

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