DAVID KURTEN: Freedom And Equality – A Discussion Paper

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16 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Why oh why David were you not the leader instead of that insignificant fool you appointed? I would not have resigned or cancelled my membership if you were in charge

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    This is excellent. It will start the fightback against cultural Marxism to which every other political party has spinelessly surrendered.

  3. Alex H. says:

    Abolishing the Equalities, Human Rights Commission is a good policy because affirmative action or quotas is discrimination and doesn’t guarantee the best candidate.
    Societal Justice is an interesting concept but as David points out the institutional reality is an encroachment on absolutes of liberty and the life and freedom of a nation or race with integrated beliefs and culture essential to its thriving success. We already have alienated labour. Marxian economy is dangerous to human affairs in our natural state of nature.

    Also quangos of all institutions pose a threat to freedom and liberty. They are also illicit users of authority and power since once instituted draw unaccounted resources from the public purse and seem to continue without revision or wholesale closure.

    We already have civil rights. The EHRC is a politicised quango threatening the indigenous population with the artifice of special interest rights of multicultural minorities with the power of coercion and threat.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well David Kurten, what is there not to like in this addition to UKIP’s manifesto ? Seems to me that we have a massive outbreak of common sense, and it will be amusing to see the other Parties try to pick it to bits. I do hope that they try to, but in public. That way we can all have a laugh, and watch membership and support for UKIP go up and up !
    Of course, there is always the possibility of other Parties nicking our ideas ! Whatever next ? !

  5. Brenda Rattle says:

    An outstanding common sense article from the excellent David Kurten. I hope his speech at Speaker’s Corner this coming Sunday will be filmed and available on YouTube.

    Kind regards.

  6. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    An excellent proposal that should awaken the public to what UKIP should be about. David Kurten has some splendid ideas and isn’t afraid to elaborate on them.
    Keep going David and we look forward to your visit to East Sussex on the 27th April 2018.

  7. Graham Wood says:

    Excellent piece in every respect, and especially the move to abolish one of the greatest
    barriers to free speech now known as “hate speech” – the criminalisation of legitimate
    expression of opinion.
    The incitement to violence clause is right and perfectly adequate. How dare our political
    class impose censorship of speech in a supposedly democratic country.
    Well done David Kurten

  8. Malcolm says:

    What a brilliant summation of common sense at last!!
    Please, please, please support this view.

  9. Margaret Dennis says:

    This is the best policy on the issues by far. If UKIP put this in the manifesto we are back with the level of support previously held. David Kurten, you are the man I would like to see as leader after the 12 months of securing UKIP’s future with Gerard Batten.
    Thank you.

  10. Jake Bennett says:

    Excellent and workable policy. Most importantly, activists know this is what people want to hear on the doorsteps.

  11. Margaret Dennis says:

    To Jake,
    Exactly, we can use this if it makes it into our manifesto, although I would love to use it now!

  12. Graham Pound says:

    “Religious accomodation” is code for the agenda of religious bigots, like Kurten, who would like to discriminate against entire classes of people who, in his world, would have no legal recourse against that discrimination. This is dog whistle politics to a religious conservative tune. No way!

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      Mr Pound, this is common sense and it is “Reasonable accommodation”. This works for all as there are plenty of alternatives for when a request to serve does not sit with the provider.

  13. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Not so Graham Pound. You don’t have to be religious to agree with Kurten’s policy document. It is simply an antidote to the moral pollution affecting society.

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