LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Fighting The Good Fight But Not Right

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  1. John Whitby says:

    Apologies – serious typing error that I missed!!
    Talking about the Peterborough council budget, I put in a figure in brackets of 805….. That SHOULD have read 80%! This is the level of government grant that we have lost so far, with more cuts to follow

  2. Helena Windsor says:

    Excellent article. We can all draw our own conclusions as to why poor Gerard found no local campaign plans whatsoever (as he said himself in Hull where does incompetence end and sabotage begin) In East Surrey we helped Tim Aker’s GE17 campaigning. Such a shame the Thurrock Cllrs have been driven away by you know who to form their own group, they canvass every weekend throughout the year to keep their presence up.
    Keep up the street stalls, but for lack of literature we would have run our regular monthly stall in one of our towns and hope to get back to this later.
    Meanwhile we have to capitalise on the ‘no whip’ policy, in my district a slew of Independents are standing due to Cllrs who toe the party line. With a town sized ‘garden village’ threatened on Green Belt in my ward I sought advice from our chairman about standing as an Independent but have instead abandoned the yellow button for UKIP’s £ surrounded by a greenbelt, just like London and played the free from party constraint card. Fingers crossed.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    John Whitby, your analysis is faultless, and not just for Peterborough ! I am so pleased as a Kipper, to see an absence of rose tinted specs, whilst sensibly holding a possibility of successful support. Without a doubt, your the right man in the right job. Very Best Wishes to you and yours, from your neighbours in Northampton !

  4. Grumpyashell says:

    Good post…positive,forward thinking and shows that with good planning UKIP can rise and take on the establishment as an alternative force to the tired mundane batch of politicians we are lumbered with

  5. Rob Bryant says:

    A political party exists for one reason, and one reason alone, which is to contest and win elections.
    UKIP needs a clear and concise attention-grabbing manifesto, which should be
    1) nationally – the betrayal of Brexit by all the other parties, resulting in multiculturalism and immigration,
    2) locally – cutting any expenditure on immigrants, like translation of documents, awarding council housing to immigrants, etc, banning the burkha and madrassa, halal food in schools.
    Strong stuff and feel free to add to the list, though keep it concise. But this is how Trump won the Presidency. The left will be outraged and their MSM will give us all the publicity we need by bad-mouthing us on Aljabeeba. Its easy when you use their stupidity against them.
    PS Reece, it would be good if you could allow us to edit our comments.

  6. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    The article certainly appears to be hopeful and I suppose that is all UKIP candidates can hope for.
    The reality I fear will be something quite different come May’s elections.
    To hope to win on the back of a depressing government is not good enough. What policies do UKIP now have to inspire the electorate to turn away from the other parties ?
    Until we have a permanent leader who is constantly in the media instead of spending the majority of his time in the back office then nothing is going to improve.
    Why we have a Leader who is just one of 19 other MEPs flogging himself to death trying to keep the ship afloat aided and abetted by two others who are not even paid for their time beats me, when there are all those other MEPs that could be lending a hand instead of swanning around the EU parliament.
    All our MEPs will be coming home in under a year and yet we hardly hear a peep from the majority of them.
    Who is in charge of Policy apart from the local branches who are doing their best to come up with initiatives ? Who is even trying to match Nigel Farage’s media attention ?
    Local politics is as much influenced by national as local issues. The party is going nowhere until the fundamentals are taken care of so the mauling that will take place in May can easily be expected and anticipated. Very sad.

  7. Cliff Dixon says:

    Very well written John. In Hillingdon, we had newsletters delivered every 3 months by the members in target wards with a big focus on local issues with monthly street stalls, active social media and door to door petitions. Put the fear of God up Labour and the Tories, I have the nasty emails from senior members of both to prove it! The Tories are massively relieved that the branch has collapsed as we cost them councillors in 2014 and we hit Labour in some wards too, would have taken 2 seats but for head office interference in targeting strategy

  8. Margaret Dennis says:

    This enthusiastic approach works, it is why we won the referendum. Good luck to your candidates and yourself Mr Whitby. I notice you have picked up on the extra tax via local councils. This means that a lot of OAP’s are taxed heavily even if personal income below taxable levels. This is a real issue and UKIP must address it.

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