KHAN’S LONDON: May To Blame For Crime Rise Says Embattled Mayor

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10 Responses

  1. Joe Neckbone says:

    You guys got to get rid of this turkey. This yank stands with you.

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Blaming this government for the murder rate in London is missing the point. As the population grows and becomes evermore immigrant this situation will not decline.
    We have allowed the populations in our big cities to be taken over by those alien to or culture. They do not bring with them a work ethic as we understand it but instead blame our society for their lack of employment and opportunities whilst many seek to be members of gangs and expect to obtain money by the supply of illegal substances.
    It obviously doesn’t stop with drugs as firearms are now in evidence despite our very strict laws.
    Just as with schools, hospitals, roads and all the other public services so the police should increase in number as the population increases. But as we are fully aware, each government expects more for less which allows people like the London Mayor to blame anyone but himself and his ilk for what we are now experiencing.
    The problem with these types of crime is it doesn’t stay in London and soon we find it oozing out into the suburbs.
    The only way to stop the rot is to apply a strict immigration policy. It will not stop crime completely but it may just facilitate a more desirable influx of immigrants that satisfy the requirements of employment and encourage those with something to offer rather than allowing every tom, dick and harry that has become the norm of recent decades.
    Yesterday evening’s discussion on Newsnight missed the point as usual with people talking about investment. There’s no investment in providing money to agencies to try and stop crime, for that is just plain Expenditure that is another bottomless pit into which we pore our hard earned tax payments for little or no benefit.

    • Jake Bennett says:

      He who controls the cities controls the country.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Let’s cut to the chase and face facts for once: London is overrun by undesirable immigrants. They don’t have the same values as us; the don’t have the same culture, religion or respect for others – particularly they have no respect for our women folk – as borne out by the number of rapes and sexual assaults. Successive mainstream parties who have formed a government over the last few years have encouraged this change in the population of this country. If we get rid of these politicians, we get rid of the problem….and if we get rid of Sadiq Khan, we get rid of its source.

  3. Jake Bennett says:

    Well he would say that wouldn’t he.
    Welcome to LONDISTAN

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    So, Mr Khan is clear, ( and in the clear ), and the rise in murders and violent intent is caused by Maggie May PM, who’s cuts to Police funding is the cause for law and order to have broken down in London ! ? ….. Hmm !
    Now I thought that Mr Khan was the Mayor of London ! He gets to say where money is spent, and has a wish to have cycle paths built at a cost of many millions of pounds. Has he dropped his job description, as being the Mayor of cyclists only, in London ? If that is really what he thinks, perhaps we should rethink on the employment of a Mayor !
    If we check back, Ken seemed to do the whole job of Mayor of London. Even Boris the buffoon, was able to hold all the facets of the job together. Now Mr Khan is a Labour man, just like Ken was, but seems to have pleasure in passing all and any problems to anyone in range. Should he not take up football or rugby, where passing is a requirement ?

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    Mr Khan might actually take a look at who is shooting and stabbing people in London. 90% of the time it is ‘black on black’ and black, gang-related drugs crimes. Otherwise it is minority ethnic youngsters carrying out crimes because of ‘territorial’ reasons. Sometimes, as recently, young people have become caught in lethal crossfire. Also, some of these crimes have happened in the early hours when people were coming out of night clubs (what a surprise).
    It’s about time a good look was given at the social reasons these killings are taking place i.e. black gangsta culture, aping the hoodlums of New York and other cities, encouraged by violent ‘rap’ music and videos, and the rampant drugs trade.

    Mr Khan should stop blaming the police and Mrs May and look at the REAL reasons behind the killings of late and also the people who are carrying them out, in the main black, Asian and other ethnic minority group members.

  6. Grumpy Owl says:

    The problem is that both Labour and the Tories continue to blame each other for their – in my opinion – combined failings.

    As has been quite rightly pointed out, Mr Khan (they all know him) is responsible for police funding in London, while the money he receives from central government may have been reduced, he is able to fritter money away on gender-neutral toilets (just one example). He then has the gall to blame the Tory government for the rise in crime in London. Time Mr Khan took a good long look at his list of priorities and worked out what is more deserving of funds from his shrinking budget. Take responsibility, own the problem, and don’t just try and deflect blame elsewhere.

    In the local Labour campaign leaflet, they are blaming the closure of my local police station on the Tory/Libdem coalition government! Don’t think they’ve updated their leaflet template since 2010 then!

    In the interest of balance, of course the same also applies to the Tories. They of course entered government in 2010 and 2015, blaming Labour for the ‘austerity’ policies they were implementing.

    People are getting tired of politicians from both major parties just blaming either side for all our woes, rather than just getting on and dealing with things.

  7. Geoff says:

    One of his election promises:
    “Restore neighbourhood policing to reduce knife crime

    Khan has also promised to make London safer, with action to restore neighbourhood policing which in turn should assist in tackling gangs and knife crime” (reported in GetWestLondon)

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