Bigamy – The Last Great Taboo

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  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    We have an appalling situation of ‘hegira’ in this country, being completely ignored by the incompetent fools whose first duty is supposed to be the defence of the UK from invasion, whether violent and speedy or slow but persistent. We suffer the occasional terrorist attack, but there are much subtler ways to steal a country from under the noses of its people while they are told to shut up and say nothing about it.
    The 20th century was dire; the 21st century is going to be worse.

  2. Jake Bennett says:

    I agree with everything you say you are correct and well said. Your observations can be proven to be true. But, do you have a verifiable reference of the quote of Jean Monnet? I have scoured the internet for proof that he said this but I have been unsuccessful.

  3. Barrie says:

    Your points are documented in other places. Many have been aware of the still growing infiltration into our civil service departments. It was John Reid who declared the Home Office “Not fit for purpose” May could do nothing to correct what was inevitable and Rudd is less than capable. We must reverse the situation by determined effort to ensure no immigrant may hold a sensitive office for at least the fifth generation has been born on British soil. This breaks with the past but we have never suffered such mass immigration in so short a time. I would add suggest as a start voting only for the Brexit believers standing as Independents in May elections. Show the political class just how much contemp we have for them.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well put Grant. It is a fact that if the Law of the Nation gets divided in its force to different ethnic groups, then the Law becomes a real ass ! One Law set for everyone, and anyone not happy with that are free to find somewhere else to live. – It is not a case of all will be well when UKIP comes to govern. It is a fact that UKIP must govern, and very soon, although the work required is massive now, and can only get bigger ! I salute our Jewish friends, who through history have come to live with us, making very little problem. Historically we have not always returned to them in kind !

    • Jake Bennett says:

      Mike Of our Jewish friends you say “Historically, we have not always returned to them in kind” Did we not play our part with the gallant Americans in dispossessing the poor Palestinian people of their homeland of some two millenia to create a homeland for so called Zionists from Eastern Europe who could no more trace their ancestry to that land than I could. And in so doing was not the consequence the creation of utter mayhem in the Middle East ever since. Could we have done more?

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Thanks Jake, but my point was that our Laws cannot be divided for ethnic groups.
        One such group are the Jews, who have made their homes in our Nation for centuries, with full association with our Laws and way of life. ‘Historically’ was intended to be almost a millennium ago.
        Way back, following actions in London and York, here in Northampton, Jews were rounded up and burnt alive for ‘killing Christ’. In fact they were money lenders, and their deaths cleared what was owed, hence we did not return to them in kind !
        As for the UN’s decision to make a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, after WWll and the holocaust, clearly trying to plant a Nation upon another Nation, was rather foolish, though understandable at the time.

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