LEAVE EU Slammed As ‘Far-Right’ By Labour MP

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7 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TODAY. there are two distinctly different Labour Parties. There is the old Party that has the ability to argue and stand up for what it believes. Not to my taste, but nevertheless a point of view that has backed earlier Labour Governments. It will be interesting how these people vote at the next general election; will they vote for today’s Labour Party ?
    Then there are the Corbyn Labour, with several differing arms that flail about. Generally these Labour supporters are not comfortable with thought out argument, and if they see a requirement coming for debate, they do all that they can to have cancellation brought about, and if required, violence is used against debate. I can only deduce from that, an inability of intellect to verbally fight for their view ! If you’r Labour, to which group do you give support ?

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    Nothing that the treacherous nest of Left -wing loonies, proto Communists and assorted Marxist apparatchiks does surprises us any more. Why should it? They have all been lying b******s for as far back as anyone can remember. Uncle Joe Corbyn, with his photo-shopped Russian cap (not) is a typical gullible left-wing useful idiot, in Lenin’s famous phrase, though he is too thick to realise it . I could go on and on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say, would you buy a used car from this man?
    I didn’t think so, neither would I, it might have nerve agent smeared on the door handles !

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    Government policy first brought in by Tony Blair, carried on by his heir, David Cameron, with the full backing of then Home Sec. Theresa May, now another “yes member” in Amber Rudd, have joined together in making myself and other adult family individuals intolerant. We are being taken for fools and must get out on the street stalls again. I’m nearly ready, leaflets coming, need the UKIP table cover from another member. Our constituency is a long thin one with Tiverton and Honiton not relating very well, nor easily co-ordinated for getting our voices heard but we had a lot of support before and we will find out soon if it is still there. I could never vote for Labour, nor the Cons and as for Green/LibDem I discount them as undermining us too.
    UKIP is back with a great man in charge today and with the chairman and branch helpers to be re-recruited personally I hope to do them justice.

    • Well said Margaret …I have never left.kip and when everyone was saying to vote for conservative …and we could always vote the next time ……..I was so upset I was savaged by people as I said I would never vote for anyone else …..just look what happened…….Ukip lost all their seats………the rest is history…….but if we try hard we will get back on top again

      • Margaret Dennis says:

        Thank you for your comments Margaret. Think we will find our support is still out there if we get past the biased news outlets and make sure the general public know everything about #UKIPisBack with a good leader #FortheNation.

        I did leave the party, showing my disgust for the way it was heading, but here we are now ready to work for all. Personally it is for my grandchildren but all will gain if we succeed. Well not, perhaps, the political elite nor the 1%.

        • MIKE MAUNDER says:

          To the two Margarets. It is so good to have your spirit on our Party’s side. Many Thanks !

          • Margaret dennis says:

            Thanks Mike, on my behalf I aim to please every one of the 17,410,742 who voted to leave the EU. It has become as important to address many other areas too. Islam, CSE, PR votes, influence by Soros (not Russia), etc. The only issue I do not agree with within UKIP’s current manifesto is fracking. Totally against on Environment issues, particularly water, noise.

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