DISGRACE: Batten Blasts Out Of Control Foreign Aid Spending

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  1. David Weaver says:

    Could’nt agree more.

  2. Dave Corrado says:

    Struggled ALL our working lives to keep our head above water, now coming up to pension age will have to struggle again because our government will not pay us OUR money what we payed in. They keep telling us that our pension is a benefit that we payed in and they have no more money to give us a decent pension, then hay presto we found money to give away to foreign aid, fuckin stinks

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ……….. CHARITY’S FINE WHEN ALL’S SUBLIME, but you got to pick a pocket or two ! So goes the song from the musical ‘Oliver’. I would love to continue better targeted foreign aid, wouldn’t you ? IT IS SIMPLY NOT SENSIBLE TODAY, with so much action and expense desperately needed here at home. A big question looms ahead of us. ……. Is this Government, headed by Maggie May, really the best we can expect ? Calling a General Election and loosing the majority; then passing our money to the DUP, is bad enough. Continuing foreign aid is the action of a CRETIN ! Please vote UKIP now !

    • forthurst says:

      Foreign aid is a flawed concept in principle because it involves allocating a large amount of money before having any idea how it would or should be spent. This is simply not how budgeting is supposed to work. If there is a need for taxpayers to forgo the benefit of some of their tax spending, then they need the reason up front. I would like to see an international effort to deal with Fukushima which is in the process of rendering the Northern Pacific radioactive.

      The government also gives money to charities on our behalf; instead of ‘saving’ children, they hire boats and assist people smugglers to transport invaders to Sicily much like Operation Husky during WWII which ultimately led to fall of Italy.

  4. Margaret Dennis says:

    If the current Government do not overturn David Cameron’s promise to pay 0.7% of UK GDP to this, it must make it onto UKIP policy. Every time these costs are passed down to us via local council tax it means many are paying tax way over 20%, in my retired hubbies case close to 38%. Devon council tax is higher than Surrey for D rated homes. This is how the Cons are conning and conniving on taxes. The fairest way is on income.

  5. Jake Bennett says:

    Keep banging on about this one Gerard; lots of points to score against Lib/Lab/Con on this utter disgrace of the use of taxpayers’ money.

    If an individual wished give monies to charities they can do but it is not the role of the state to take tax payers money to distribute abroad.

    65 MILLION PEOPLE in the UK
    That’s 65 million people EVERYDAY paying tax. EVERYDAY. Buying a coffee? TAXED. Driving to see your sister? TAXED. Grandma leaves you some money? TAXED. Got a spare bedroom? TAXED. Just been paid? TAXED. Doing the Weekly shop? TAXED. Just had your bins collected? TAXED.
    Council tax, income tax, VAT and Road tax all rising this year. RISING? FOR WHAT EXACTLY!
    Police cut.
    NHS cut.
    Public services cut.
    Education budget cut.
    The list goes onnnnn…….
    The more we seem to have to pay. The more cuts we see!
    If 65 million people are paying tax everyday, and we round it off and for arguments sake say we all pay £1 a day (I know I for one pay more than that) but anyway that’s 65 MILLION A DAY!
    Where the fuck is it going ? WHERE IS OUR MONEY ?
    There’s no money for free school meals and no money to help the homeless, no money for the public services or to help the crippled NHS but there is money for over sea conferences, for bombs and warfare. For technology advancements and the destruction of everything we know, there’s money for MPs wages and subsidising their meals. It’s our money! What about us!

  7. Grumpy Owl says:

    “The increase came about because the budget must, by law, be equivalent to 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income (GNI), which has been rising.”

    This law MUST be repealed. Also, there MUST be a full scrutinised audit of all Foreign Aid budget spending so we can know exactly where this money is going and what it is being spent on.

    It is criminal that the public ‘wealth’ of the UK is being siphoned off by the leeches of the globalist establishment elites for their own benefit. And it is also criminal that our government ‘borrows’ this money to be given away, saddling the nation with increased debt repayments, while our own public services are facing funding cuts.

  8. Pamela Preedy says:

    The person responsible for the disgrace of ring-fencing the Foreign Aid budget by putting a legal armlock round the neck of every British taxpayer is David Cameron. Virtue-signalling as manically as one of those crabs with an outsize claw, sycophantic suck-up Dave was trying to impress the other world leaders at a G-7 summit in which they all promised to send much more money to 3rd world countries whose dictator leaders would immediately use it to improve the lot of the oppressed masses, not pocket it to boost their personal pension plans, oh no.
    Needless to say, all the rest of the world leaders went home and did nothing of the kind, while Ditsy Dave postured and pirouetted in Parliament, intent on impressing his boyfriend Nick Clegg with what a nice, kind, generous Tory he was, sending loadsa money to foreigners at the British taxpayers’ expense. Cameron & Clegg have since gone to the dud politicians’ graveyard where they belong, and so should the most ridiculous law passed by idiot MPs.
    Theresa the Appeaser has done nothing to repeal the law which stipulates that at least 0.7% of our GDP is wasted abroad. At least Rees-Mogg is saying it’s WRONG, which shows that, as one of the few patriots in the Commons, he should be the Tory leader and our next PM.

  9. David Nightingale says:

    Foreign aid,will this country ever think as much of its indigenous people as it does others from far away places, it may be the law that stipulates 0.7 percent of our GDP is for foreign aid but when a law is wrong it must be challenged.

  10. Chris Dark says:

    Nothing will change while May is in the driving-seat. As things stand, she is set to continue until 2022. Heaven knows how much damage she will have done to the country by then. In contrast, Corbyn would do it faster. The choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea. We need either a true conservative in charge (unlikely, given the number of remoaners/socialists/etc in the Tory party) or a complete and utter destruction of the whole political system; rebuilding with something new. This country’s safety can’t wait until 2022; the sickness needs to purged asap, and like most enemas it won’t be very comfortable.

  11. MasteR says:

    I find it very annoying when names are not named, and issues clouding matters are not explained. So who were these people” and what were they walking stiff-leggedly around so they don”t talk to each other. There are several self-inflicted problems holding UKIP back at the moment. One is the precious refusal to admit as members those who have belonged to supposed nasty” parties in the past, or have committed alleged” crimes against the party, or rather, senior members of the party, and we all know we”ve been damaged by them in the past. So what? The Tories, Labour and LibDems have admitted members in each of those nasty” parties and they have not been struck by thunderbolts. Janice Atkinson should have an apology and asked, nay begged, to come back. But Mike Hookham won”t have her back. The way he responded to this request at Gloucester shows a closed mind. Why, just because he”s a Yorkshireman and thus knows better than all the rest of UKIP? The same goes with Tommy Robinson, who fights a good fight and would be an asset to us. UKIP needs all the friends it can get. Once again its the head that is against the grassroots, and that will mean we will be weakened in the struggle to get our country back.

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