LAMMY’S HYPOCRISY: In January, Labour’s David Lammy CRITICISED The Met Over Stop and Search

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6 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    ‘Different policing for different communities’?! Lammy just has to be kidding. Hasn’t he noticed that the Common-Purposed PC police chiefs turn two blind eyes and two deaf ears to crimes being committed by muslim ‘communities’ aka ghettoes in our formerly peaceful and low-crime pleasant land?
    Homogenous society = peaceful, law-abiding society. Heterogenous society (ie one ruined by mass immigration) = conflict, lawlessness, violence, crime. Every government since the end of WW2 has thoughtlessly or maliciously ruined our country with uncontrolled immigration from the four corners of the world. London is the first city in which this situation has become increasingly desperate, but there others in the UK suffering a similar decline. The authorities like to keep our descent into 3rd world chaos hush hush for as long as they can.

    • Jake Bennett says:

      The man from Whitehall’s mind is so formed as to consider that if something cannot be remedied it must be normalised.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Absolutely Pamela, your comments are spot on ! Very little intelligent thought was given to divesting ourselves of our empire. Enoch Powell was one deep thinker, but when he voiced his thoughts. he was vilified by all and sundry, and our media had a field day at his expense. It would seem that UKIP has taken note of it all !

  2. Brenda Rattle says:

    In case Lammy hasn’t noticed it is almost exclusively black and muslim people who are committing violent crime. Should have listened to Enoch Powell.

    Kind regards.

    • Grumpy Owl says:

      That’s exactly the same casual observation I’ve made myself.

      The other observation I have made is that it appears to be that the black and Pakistani perpetrators mostly seem to be committing this violence against their own kinds. So by reducing ‘stop-and-search’ to stop black people feeling ‘persecuted’ it is actually making things worse for them.

      The only way the situation can be remedied is for the police to quit the political-correctness and ‘softly-softly’ approach and start tackling these gangs head on. And if resources are tight due to cut-backs, then sort out the priorities, and get officers away from hunting for mean tweets, and back on the streets.

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