Clegg SLAMS “Backwards-Looking” Rees-Mogg

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8 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    It’s always bizarrely nostalgic to hear from one of the pathetic “yesterday men” (Clegg, Blair, Major, Cameron, etc.). I feel so sorry [NOT] for this band of has-beens who did their level best to wreck our country and our culture. Isn’t it about time that this one should keep his trap shut?

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Clogg is not fit to tie Rees-Mogg’s shoelaces or lick his boots clean. How dare Sirrah Clogg criticise an honourable man such as WR-M when he himself is an EU-loving, low-life traitor who joined with others of his ilk to tell lies about the EU, defend the indefensible and side with malicious foreigners against the British people? But what can be expected of a twerp who has a foreign parent and a foreign wife. If only he would **** off to a foreign country and stay there, swanking about his bogus knighthood and EU pension.

  3. Grumpy Owl says:

    Nick Clegg, globalist Bilderberger stooge.

    Criticises others for being ‘backward-looking’, but never mentions the word ‘progressive’ in the hope that is what people will assume he is.

    Far from it, in the grand scheme of inversion, the ‘progressives’ are actually the most regressive people you could ever know.

    People are feeling politically ‘homeless’ because the Establishment Elite, like Nick Clegg, are so out of touch with reality that they can’t look beyond their little Elite bubbles.

    And the truth is that the so-called ‘politically-homeless’ are crying out for a party like UKIP, but the Establishment are telling them that UKIP is ‘finished’.

    There are too many left-wing parties claiming to be ‘centrists’, what is needed is a good strong right-wing party.

  4. Bill Matthews says:

    It’s true there is a missing political party. It is UKIP. If only we hadn’t messed up after the Referendum!

  5. Alan says:

    17 plus million agreed with Rees Mogg, you Clegg could not even get your electorate to agree with you, so you can take your knighthood hood and shove it up your ass, pointed end first.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I think that there is indeed a space in the middle of British politics. It should be noted that the Tory stance seems to be going nowhere, and won’t while the division in the Party is so clearly seen. The Labour Party is even worse with internal rift and the net result seems to be a slide further left. Its main problem is Corbyn, who demonstrates a total lack of leadership. Enter UKIP. I keep saying that the manifesto is great, which it is, and that needs selling to the voters ! There are however too many groups all standing for Brexit, and just splitting what could be a strong impact !

  7. John Francis says:

    Exactly who is interested in what Nick Who thinks?

  8. David says:

    It really is a relief to hear that Clegg has no intention of sticking his ginormous proboscis back into any particular political party. He really shouldn’t have been a politician in the first place, being very little more respected than the obnoxious tony bliar. Or should that be ‘about as little respected?’

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