DEFENDING FREEDOM’S FRONTIER: David Kurten At Speakers Corner

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4 Responses

  1. Brenda Rattle says:

    The speech, in full (about 30 minutes), is available on YouTube. I watched it this morning and would recommend it. I also feel that David Kurten is a party leader in waiting. He’s fantastic and would be a worthy successor to Gerard (although I would like to see Gerard granted the year he has requested first).

    David has immense talent and passion which is currently underused by the party. Here is the link to his speech in Hyde Park yesterday.

    Kind regards.

  2. Jake Bennett says:

    Brenda Thank you for providing this link. What an impressive speech by David Kurten and on a subject that resonates with millions of people in this country. This is not only a moral battle that we are fighting but it is a vote winner and it is one that activists can confidently communicate on the high streets and doorstep. UKIP must be seen to be the Party of free speech.

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      The only thing that surprised and, to some extent, disappointed me is that more people haven’t posted comments on here in support of David’s speech. As you rightly say, it’s a vote winner and something the general public can understand and relate to.

      Kind regards.

  3. Ian Williams says:

    Totally support David’s speech. I have always liked the cut of his jib (am I allowed to say that these days)??

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