GROOMING GANGS: Time To Make Labour Pay!

A scandal which lasted around 4 decades involved the rape of up to 1,000 young girls in Telford.

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10 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Well done Alan for sticking it where it belongs: the sanctimonious, virtue-signalling, extreme left Labour party. They have turned a blind eye to Muslim grooming of white girls in order to groom muslim votes for their party. About time this was exposed.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I would have thought that for Political Reasoning alone, if indeed Decency and Legal Protection of Children is absent from today’s Labour Party, action to correct would have been taken by this Party !
    A once great Party, though never my cup of tea, has crashed in its Moral Standing. One could make up a new slogan for Labour. – ” Do whatever you like; just be sure to give us your vote ! ”

  3. candis says:

    ukip will get my vote when i see proof that they are only against these who do a crime . NOT to be used towards hate crimes. race is eaqual on both sides till you destroy a life ,.be kind to your neibour ect ect THE BIBLE TELLS YOU SO ,. tackle the corupt and the rest will fall into place ,.

    • Lorraine says:

      Candis UKIP had 82 black, mixed race and ethnic minority candidates stand in the 2015 general election, more than stood for the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP combined, precisely because their immigration policy is ethical and colour blind. If you Google “UKIP ethical and colour blind immigration policy” you should find it explained by Jonathan Arnott MEP.

    • Andrew Shanks says:

      Candis, Don’t wait for the proof to come to you… go and search for the evidence. You cannot join UKIP if you have been a member of an extremist party in the past. I am a member of UKIP and started a local UKIP branch – and am a Christian like you. There are many Christians in UKIP.. go find out, and please not only vote UKIP but join UKIP.

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    I was very happy to hear that this is going ahead. If UKIP can’t make a big splash here, then it can’t anywhere. Make the Rochdale voters know that if they vote Labour again, then they can expect the same outcome. And tell them that UKIP is here to DRAIN THE SWAMP. I wish you the best of luck for a UKIP success.

  5. Joe Neckbone says:

    Sounds like the same destructive party here in the US, the Democrat party.

  6. JimDandy says:

    Sounds like the same destructive party here in the US, the Democrat party.

  7. Pamela Preedy says:

    Good for you, Alan Craig, and all the others involved. Don’t pull any punches. Labour should be held to account for the disgusting pro-islam, anti-Semitic sham of a party it is, with its shameless leader and members condoning muslim criminality by pretending it doesn’t exist. The Labour party is a corrupt rotten corpse and stinks accordingly. This party cares nothing for the white working class it was founded to serve and should die the death it deserves for betrayal and hypocrisy.

  8. John Francis says:

    What a brilliant plan of action.
    Well done to all concerned in UKIP who have organised this rally and I hope it gets the media coverage it deserves.

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