DAVID MORELAND: This Government Is Doing Nothing To Protect Us!!

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5 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Time to ARM all the police permanently and deploy armed soldiers on the streets until the situation is under control. Recruit armed forces veterans into the police as this gentleman suggests , scrap all the ridiculous PC diversity and Common Purpose courses, revive Stop & Search, and apply British law equally to everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion etc. No crap about ‘community cohesion’, which is an excuse for doing nothing when muslims commit sexual crimes against minors and women.
    Publish crime figures to show the percentage of crimes committed by different groups related to their number in the whole population. When these are revealed, maybe the Abbots of this world will shut up about Stop & Search being ‘racist’. It would also be interesting to see which group is responsible for most of the anti-Semitic attacks, as if we haven’t already guessed.
    There is SO MUCH MORE the Home Office and government should be doing to protect the law-abiding and take the lawless scum off our streets. Amber Rudd is as useless as Theresa the Appeaser was before her. Why aren’t Somali illegals being rounded up and deported to the violent country where they belong? Why are they being allowed to drag our country down to 3rd world level?

    There is

  2. John barker says:

    But they can’t afford to do anything, there’s HS2 to pay for, the new toilets in Westminster(to remove the traces of cocaine), the refurbishment of the clock towet and the rest of the Palace of Westminster, then the subsidies of food and drink for all those working in the House, and the Bars they have to be Subsidized as well. The MPs expenses are rising every year as are the wages, we need the money for so many other things before we bother with such trivial things as people’s lives

  3. Grumpyashell says:

    It is not just the police that need to change but the whole justice (injustice) system. The police are not there to be a social service but protect the law abiding public and this does start with tackling petty crime which they now seem to think is a minor inconvenience to their roll as social engineers. Maybe they should look at what Mayor Guiliani did in attacking crime in New York ?
    Criminals see the the justice system as something to be played,they get court,get cautioned,do it again,get cautioned again or community service or suspended sentence….they are not afraid of the law…but also if they do go to prison whatever sentence they get,will get commuted to maybe a third of what the original sentence was passed down…..just a slap on the wrist.
    Governments first job is to look after the safety and security of its people…his has been forgotten entirely…..uncontrolled immigration,allowing jihadists back in has not helped,no control of foreign influences….plus the downgrading of our armed services and border controls all join up to a bloody awful grasp of the world and the current mob of political leaders in the major parties are totally blinkered and do not see the problem….trying to pay off other countries by using aid is a failure( old style Danegeld),plus a civil service that has lost the plot compounds the failure

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Parliament today is little more than a kids playground ! – No sorry, that’s unfair to the kids, they tend to do things together or on their own; its called activity. – You won’t find much of that in the Palace of Westminster ! Check reading what I have written has brought about an idea ! Why not let the kids in to run the country ? – The IQ level would stay about the same, and probably none of us would notice ! With murders committed all round Parliament, the kids would call for more Police to tackle it ! (Started as a wet joke, but I think I may be on to something !).

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    All the points made above are valid. But in order to make things better we have to tackle the problem at source. And the source is the people, the god damned people! Yes – the majority who every 4-5 years vote in a pathetic bunch of chancers to form a government, whether Labour or Conservative – they’re all the same.

    Now, having identified the problem at its source, how do we make things better?

    We need to convince our fellow voters that there is another way to prosper and to improve our society; that’s what Trump has done in the US. We should follow his lead in the UK. We also need to convince the press of our cause – an uphill struggle but it must be done! We need to demolish the opposition’s argument (should be easy, most people can’t stand May or Corbyn, even though they vote for them). To do this we need dedicated and clever political aspirants. We also need organised foot-soldiers to spread the word.

    We need to be radical and deliver to the voting public something they can believe in, something they will vote for; there’s no room for half measures, prima donnas or mavericks. If we can do all that, we just might succeed.

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