EXCLUSIVE: Government Admits It Will “Take Part In EU Operations”

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We are leaving the EU ! Therefore we are not part of any EU armed forces ! Now this should be clear to the dumbest ! Friendship with Nation states of Europe predates the EU by many years, but since the dummies seem to be in charge these days, I suggest you check on a short bit of fairly recent history. 1939-1941 UK/GB stood alone against Nazi Germany, and then with our Commonwealth allies we were joined by the USA. Many European Nations were liberated by the Allies and that included us ! No territory gain was wanted by us, and our help was also to Russia !
    Now please explain to me, how post Brexit, we will change our friendship ? !

  2. Informed says:

    The concern isn’t so much about security and defence unity as what will happen to our own command structures?
    Specifically; would we be obliged to ask Brussels first before engagement should a dispute/conflict arise, ‘tender out’ arms procurements to foreign nations – thus removing our ability to innovate and defend ourselves, protect jobs and lose the ability to control our own defence spending?

    PESCO is designed to make NATO superfluous. Individual nations and allies working together is better than pooling all power to the EU command.

  3. John Whitby says:

    NOw, if we are a major part of this, what will our own defence capabilities be?? We will rely on other EU nations to back us up. And then there is the combined purchasing. we will have EU sourced kit, so it’s all compatible….
    no, this is not a sensible move – co-operation, yes, and our commitment to NATO.
    But the next question is why do we need EU armed forces??
    There is NATO, and we can work co-operatively with many other nations as happened in the first Gulf War, and the Bosnian war.
    There is no reason for an EU force, unless it’s to maintain order within the EU, or assist in aggressive EU expansion plans (Ukraine anyone?)
    It’s not a common defence issue, because most of the EU nations have ties to NATO.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    So I presume this means that all our forces become subservient to Brussels. Where is the allegiance to Queen and Country?
    It is insane putting British personnel in the hands of the |Europeans they will expect us to do the Dirty work. Remember Suez and the French. Remember our love of the Germans and Spaniards. and all the other cheating scum.

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