‘Problematic’ British Values CENSORED In Scottish Classrooms

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17 Responses

  1. Alice druggan says:

    Scottish people are are sick of being told how to speak. And I for one although I did vote SNP now regret it. Because I constantly hear sturgeon express how WE WANT TO STAY IN THE EU. MAYBE SHE SHOULD SAY A MAJORITY OR MINORITY WANT TO STAY IN THE EU. LEARN HOW TO SPEAK FOR YOUR OPINION NOT MINE. And just for the record I don’t want to be a minority to “Refugees ” in my own land

  2. John Carins says:

    Add what has happened to the Royal British Legion in Scotland. It is now called Poppy Scotland. Why on earth was this allowed and why the capitulation?

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Light adjustment to our language, is the true mark of the SNP. They took on the UK/GB with their ‘freedom referendum’ and lost. Rather than disband now, some are trying to run Scotland but are rather expensive in their lack of success with taxation. However, now that they are in receipt of an MP’s salary, they will find any platform for continuation of their Party and Salary. It is rather sad to watch from South of the boarder, their attempt of light adjustment to our language, but that is the level that they have descended to. SNP will continue for as long as Scots pointlessly vote for them !

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    I wish the SNP every success in gaining independence for Scotland. And I’d be happy to see them stay in the EU too. At least we’d be finally rid of the constant belly-aching of those “politicians” north of the border when it comes to just about everything. The Scots can’t have it both ways – either put up or shut up. Just remember, it’s England that keeps you afloat, and as for the West Lothian question, forget the subsidies and our North Sea oil after you break free from us; you’ll be on your own. It’ll be just porridge for breakfast every day and you can have all the immigrants you want – express delivery from Juncker.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Stanley, you put it so well. Personally I would prefer Scotland to stay with UK/GB even with the belly-aching, due to our history together, and the Scots input to our cause in two world wars ! As for the SNP, they had their moment and lost, and are now a pointless vote choice, and for the real Scots, they are frankly an embarrassment !

      • Stanley Cutts says:

        OK Mike, I largely agree. It’s just that in these times I feel that all parts of the UK should bind together through BREXIT and other challenges. We are either a UK or we aren’t. The SNP does the Scots no favours and the sooner they fade away, the better.

    • John Ferguson says:

      From your comments & declaration of support, I take it you are either an SNP member or sympathiser. Your inappropriate use of misleading key SNP terms such as ” south of the border ” or ” north of the border “…… when in fact there is no border. You ought to realise provocative nationalist language like this has no place in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        No, I’m not Stanley ! He’s a ‘Good Old Boy’ and worth taking notice of. As far as I know, Stanley is not an SNP member, or sympathiser and rather like me, is just fed up with the Scots that follow the SNP !
        By the way, there is a boarder, because I have seen it. Lo and behold, there are borders between English counties. There are sign posts telling us that ! I am happier to see Scottish county boarders, just like England, but I guess the Scots want the same as the Wales, after all we are Kingdoms that are supposed to be united !

        • David Boaz says:

          I am amazed that you know “what the Scots want” as you don’t appear to know that Wales is not, and never has been, a kingdom.

          • John Ferguson says:

            Quite right, you tell him, only Nicola knows what the Scots want. As for Wales, it’s a principality like Monaco don’t you know.

            • MIKE MAUNDER says:

              My Dear David and John. Be sure that the real Welsh, as opposed to the English/Welsh, never hear you make that remark. Gruffudd ap Llywelyn was King of Wales, just before our Battle of Hastings. He unified Wales under his Kingship and was the first, and only King of all Wales ! I admit to being pro Welsh, due to two fantastic years at school in The Marquis of Anglesey’s estate, where I enjoyed learning Rugby Union. This links to the Six Nations confrontation each year, and you will note Nation, not Principality ! After that Kingship, Wales again split into tribal areas, and about 1300 Edward I brought the Welsh to heal, and tried the same in Scotland. I enjoyed knocking nine bells out of Welsh Rugby teams !

        • John Ferguson says:

          The tourist board you saw promotes orienteering skills amongst visitors to the burger van nearby, it’s not an international border. There’s only a wall built there instead.

          • Stanley Cutts says:

            For the avoidance of doubt:

            BORDER noun Dictionary definition:

            1. A line separating two countries, administrative divisions, or other areas.
            “Panama’s western border with Costa Rica”
            synonyms: frontier, boundary, partition, borderline, dividing line, bounding line, perimeter; More

            2. The edge or boundary of something, or the part near it.
            “the northern border of their distribution area”

            • John Ferguson says:

              In light of your expansive clarification Stanley. I would concede that there are no doubt those who have come to regard the strategically sited burger van as having become synonymous with a frontier post. Though I do still think this perception has more to do with denoting a state of mind, than a state boundary.

      • Stanley Cutts says:


        I’m sorry that my comment misled your interpretation of where I stand on the issue of the SNP. Frankly, I think that they are a pain in the arse and they do Scotland no favours! I agree, now is a time for the UK to show unity – NOT division. Having said that, the Scottish people should stop dancing with the devil and elect those parties best positioned to lead them. Together we can achieve great things, as we have in two world wars. My message is simply to give Scottish voters a wake-up call to the perils of separation. Is this what they want? The rest of the UK really need to know!

  5. John Ferguson says:

    After more than a decade of SNP control, there is not much left which differentiates the proper administration of the country from the ideology of the ruling party. Many younger civil servants have never known any other master. The utterances emanating from many departments & officials these days, could have just as easily been written & released by SNP propaganda HQ.

    They no longer speak impartially for the majority of people in Scotland, who still reject & despise having even more of this blatantly divisive separatist agenda foisted on them by decree. Most would agree that the quote in the article from the spokesman defending the document, once amended & corrected to accurately reflect the true position ought to read : Research and feedback from communities suggest inapropriate wrongful language is being imposed causing offence and, in the worts cases, amplifies the rhetoric used by the SNP.

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