BATTEN: Attack On Syria “Disastrous”

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7 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Much as I’d like to give this Syrian murderer a bloody nose, I can see that Britain would be wise to desist from military action in the face of retaliation and escalation by Putin. Choose your battles Mrs. May, and choose wisely! Much as Assad’s chlorine attacks on innocent civilians and children are clearly despicable, this is not our war – the stakes are too high and we can no longer police the world.
    Listen to the British people for once and act in our national interest. And don’t be another Tony Blair!

    Listen to the

    • Informed says:

      Assuming Assad’s guilt without proof? that’s the MSM’s own narrative.
      No offence, but anyone who believes them when they clearly don’t have any reporters on the ground needs their head testing.

      As soon as Trump announced he was to pull US troops out of Syria – another gas attack happened. Coincidence?
      More than likely it was the White Helmets aided by the rebels that staged it as they did with previous chemical attack on civilians, then pointed the finger at the Syrian Government – none of which can be verified.
      It makes no sense whatsoever why the Syrian regime, Russia or Iran would launch such an attack at this particular juncture. Think about it , they have successfully beaten back ISIS against the odds and rapidly gained territory… only to then to risk international condemnation?

      Don’t get me wrong, Assad has his faults, but to assume guilt of gassing his own people is playing right into the Globalists agenda; that of unstabalising the middle east.

      Trump is beholden to the tune of $1Billion personal debt. He and everyone including Mrs May’s Government are puppets.
      There isn’t a single successful politician alive or Government in the World that can pursue their own foreign policies without influence of Jewish banks and their Globalist agenda.

      It was all planned…
      Memo after 9/11 as told by U.S. Military Gen. Wesley Clark told in several interviews (Youtube) was to originally take out 7 countries: starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off Iran. The order of engagement may have change but Syria and Iran are most definitely on that list.

      Public opinion won’t change things… Mrs May is simply following orders just as Tony Blair did.
      Syria will be left weakened, and the war will continue until Assad is toppled giving rise to more atrocities and massive migration from the newly displaced civilians into Europe.

  2. Dan says:

    Theresa May is surely one of the most stupid people ever to reach the rank of prime minister. There is no reason for Britain to get involved in another disastrous middle east war. Especially when the only sources for the alleged chemical attack are all ISIS sympathetic organisations. But there again Mrs May has demonstrated her attraction to the Islamic religion time and time again. Not for nothing is she known as ‘Sharia May’. To her and the many virtue signalling liberals in the Tory Party nothing would be more noble than to intervene for the cause of Islamism even though Putin may decide to wipe out Britain in the process. If we Brits are to get destroyed I would rather we died for British interests. Regime change in Syria is not in British interests anymore than the woeful intervention in Libya was. Well done Ukip for opposing this stupidity.

  3. Jules says:

    let them sort it out,its of no consequence to the people of the UK

  4. Ian Williams says:

    A pity she ha# not taken such a strong line with the EU!!!

  5. Rob Bryant says:

    This is Tony Blair dragging/selling us into GWBush’s war all over again.
    Treason May will do whatever Berlin tells Brussels to tell her. No good will come to us from this, but Treason May and her Toris will get big fat envelopes.

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