SYRIA CRISIS: No War On Syria!

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6 Responses

  1. Peter Harvey says:

    Agree with everything written above but you are mistaken if you think politicians care one iota for the cannon fodder they call our military. You only have to look at the carnage & utter waste of human life in two World Wars caused by decisions which looked on these losses as “expendable” in the pursuit of, in a lot of cases, vanity projects. These idiots in our government have been continuously antagonising Russia & it’s peoples. For what reason is very debateable, flimsy excuses & alleged this & that. I would never trust any politician, they are given powers they are not capable of using properly

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    I fully agree with and support the rationale expressed in this post. Theresa May and her idiotic cabinet could be leading this country and its citizens into disaster.

  3. Jake Bennett says:

    The Syrian war is not worth the life of one British Grenadier.

    Let the political establishment play their Great Game is they wish but only with their own families lives on the line not the lads from the back streets of Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast.
    This sabre rattling has more to do with Anglo/American/European obsession with their long running ‘Get Putin’ campaign and also to create a distraction from domestic issues such as the dog’s dinner of a Brexit and the rise of the political right in Europe and Trumps chaotic management of government.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TODAY / URGENT: It would seem that as the Commons are on Easter holidays still, our Prime Minister, the mistake riddled Johna, Maggie May, is about to make a decision with regard to involvement in Syria !
    Are those in Government unable to learn ? This is a matter that I hold very positive views on, but my views I will keep to myself in this piece ! The main point is that this, more than anything else, should be brought to the chamber, and voted upon by all MPs. Yes, I know that Cameron lost when he did it, but that is no excuse for not doing it !

  5. Margaret Dennis says:

    This morning I emailed the Prime Minister stating my concerns but no reply as yet. I was polite and here you can do the same if you wish. The more that do may just make them stop and justify their actions which at the moment are on an alleged attack with perpertrators (if any) unknown.
    It must go to Parliament for a vote.

  6. James Towell says:

    May thinks this is her Thatcher moment. She knows she’s gonna get a beating in the Local Elections. She’s using this as an excuse to look like she’s doing something and putting our Troops lives on the line for her own ambition. She don’t give a toss about a chemical attack in Syria it’s just come up at the right time for her to make hay out of it and try and look good.

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