UKIP SCOTLAND: People Will Go The Extra Mile To Keep Their Hard Earned Money Out Of SNP Hands

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5 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Whilst I can see all the points made in this post, I can’t quite understand why the majority of intelligent Scottish people would vote for these SNP idiots. Scots have so much to lose. A vote for the SNP cocks a snoop at the United Kingdom, so Scottish people should make their mind up once and for all; do you want to remain in the UK, or not?

    • John Ferguson says:

      SNP policy has blatently sought to buy popularity & the referendum result for more than a decade now. Realistically the average voter is not going to say no to pennies from heaven whilst logic & intelligence usually take a back seat for the duration of a good party. They threw everything at the electorate in a short term push to win whilst they had the opportunity, but lost their referendum. Now the game is clearly up, with the tectonic political plates having shifted even further against them with Brexit. Hence the increasingly obvious SNP desperation, now drowning in their own mess, as they jump on any flimsy excuse to hold a referendum rerun whilst they’re still clinging on to power before the next election. It will then at least be definitively over for at least a generation as they originally promised. Because it will take more than a generation to sort out & recover from the damage they have inflicted on Scotland & the country as a whole.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The SNP still has not come to terms with losing their independence referendum, and it shows ! If they now put that behind them, and gave support to the UK/GB Governments, where applicable, they could find that their support hardens or even slightly increases. In 40-50 years they could again try for independence ! However, I see that in that time, our Brexit will be to all our advantage, and the SNP argument could only appeal to William Wallace ! The SNP are like virgins in taxation, and are unwilling to learn lessons from English Chancellors. Fair enough, SNP voters will now pay for that !

  3. John Ferguson says:

    As if this was not enough, adding insult to injury & even more scandalous, is the enormous sums currently being spent creating an ever burgeoning, self serving, self perpetuating additional layer of bureaucracy to administer all of this. New tax & social security offices being set up & staffed to implement & collect marginal differences to benefits & taxes as decreed by the SNP. So they can perpetuate the illusion of somehow making Scotland a better place to live, by simply throwing money around at anything & everything. Well there is no magical formula to that success, anybody can do it short term. At the very least they can crow about an achievement, having made something else different, no matter how insignificantly or petty, to the rest of the country.

  4. John Carins says:

    The route to Scottish “independence” can be achieved by stealth by the SNP. Through the returning EU powers to devolved assemblies the SNP will use these and existing powers to cause as much “divergence” in the UK as possible. The so-called Conservative and Unionist party though are being duped and will cave in to SNP demands. The Tories ineffectual and wet stance aided and abetted by stupid Labour will ultimately lead to the break up of the UK. Brexit offers hope but only if the Government implements the right policies and tactics. For example, fishing can only be managed on an UK scale. To hand the SNP powers to vary agreement could be very divisive. Fishing could be a major success story of Brexit.

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