SHOCK REPORT: Taxpayers’ Money To Pay For Burglars Funeral

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4 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Who made this decision? And what message do they think this conveys to the whole thinking population of this country? This is concrete confirmation that the lunatics are definitely running the asylum.

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    This is a case where a “mob” protest is called for because the rules and the authorities are just not fair. The burglar was in employment, he was following his chosen profesion so therefore should have paid taxes to obtain any benefit due. I wonder if he comes from a TRAVELLING PIKEY TRIBE AND IF THE GRANT TO HIS FAMILY CAN COME FROM THE FOREIGN AID BUDGET.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have already stated in Kipper Central, my utter disgust at these Tinkers, but even more at the bent way that the Police are being used, and the cretinous approach of Government and associated Authorities. BUT WE ARE STUCK WITH IT !
    So the ”Heart broken Family” is touching the system for money. What’s so new about that ? It was expected by me ! This low life know how to milk the system, and that is their way of life ! I have an idea ! Don’t give them money, but pay for a basic funeral ! (Yes, I know what I’m saying) ! Immediately after the funeral, take them to the ferry to Ireland, for deportation. That way they get what they want, and we get what we want. Matter solved for less than £1,000, plus the expense of the Police for doing their correct job. You never know, this might catch on !

  4. weaveman says:

    They will only be allowed the basic burial allowance which only covers the cost of the hearse and a cheap coffin with very few extras.No doubt the family and friends will all chip in and turn the event into an extravaganza to rival a state funeral.

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