The Truth About Syria’s Chemical Attack

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Sorry Anthony Webber, but I just don’t buy into your view ! Someone gassed those people, and it might be advantageous to ask around with ‘The White Helmets.’ One thing is for certain, Syria is a kettle of many tribes and view points, and it has been boiling over for some time now. As for the popularity of Assad, I would suggest that you think deeply on that, because the use of democratic system data in that country, is to put it mildly, problematic ! Blair, Iraq and the WMD nonsense, must not get in the way of reasoned thought, but indeed must never be forgotten either !

  2. Informed says:

    Mike Maunder doesn’t share your view. He must know something we don’t.

    Its a simple case of believing what the White Helmets say (repeated by the war mongering MSM and politicians), or watch a few videos that exposes them and the West’s motive for regime change in Syria.

    There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Assad used chemical weapons on its own people!

  3. Jamesright says:

    Assad did not do it
    I like this report of what happen

  4. Rob Bryant says:

    Just before this chemical/nerve gas attack happened Assad was winning and Trump announced he was going to pull American forces out of Syria. This happened a year before. Lo and behold a chemical/nerve gas attack happens.
    Why would Assad commit such a dog whistle attack when he was about to clear his country of its enemies?
    Both these attacks benefitted the sponsor of those fighting to bring down Assad – Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia sponsors its extremist Wahabi Moslem poison and seeks to wipe out all other religions, especially Shia Moslems. Assad accepted aid from Iran because no-one else apart from Russia would offer military aid. Iran is mainly Shia and thus an enemy of Saudi Arabia. It is Saudi Arabia that profits by keeping the war going, and Trump has been bought by the Saudis.
    Treason May is following in Blair’s bloody footprints by dragging us into the morass of the Near East. She will become as hated as the Blairs are.

  5. John Whitby says:

    I don’t know who delivered these attacks, and neither it seems do the governments. May in particular referred to the ‘Suspected Chemical weapons attacks’. But I look at in one particular way. “Who benefits?”
    Now, I’ve got no doubt that Assad would use gas, but why now? Was it of any benefit to him? He knows what the reaction of the west would be from last time and he was very close to driving the rebels out of that area anyway.
    No, the only people who benefit from this attack on civilians was the rebels, and they do have history and they are not averse to the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents. On that basis, I would not want to attack Syria, even targeted strikes, on what seems to be somewhat unsubstantiated suspicions.

  6. Ian Edwards says:

    I’m for Anthony Webber’s story here. It sounds much more plausible than the mish-mash MSM reports and garbled sound bites of western politicians. I’ve often wondered how stupid can they be but then when you consider that the USA appears to be run by ‘Deep State’ you start to get somewhere. Deep state is in cahoots with the rebels, providing money and munitions to overthrow Assad, the President probably does not need to know that because Deep State is running the show. Deep State (read CIA for simplicity), realising it’s losing the war, fakes chemical attacks and tells the President Assad did it and he needs to respond on moral grounds. “You need to respond Mr President”. So he does. Deep State inform the Russians beforehand when and where so no Russian casualties occur or WWIII. Assad still wins the war but when the peace breaks and Syrians are once more enjoying a country rid of CIA, Turkey, and Saudi backed ‘rebels’ in their country, the Deep State can morally continue the propaganda war against Assad on the pretext that he is still a war criminal. I’m only joining the dots – but I have to do that because the controlled MSM doesn’t, it just regurgitates the narrative they are given to print in my view.

  7. Ian Edwards says:

    1. This is a good source, G Edward Griffin, on the fake chemical attack:
    There is also a Blackstone video contained claiming with some evidence that the chemical weapon story was a false flag operation. It’s 15 minutes and you need some patience to see it all through.
    2. The same GEG source continues with the strategic reason for the USA and Russia being involved in Syria in the first place: Oil pipelines. Especially take a look at the vid “It all makes Sense Now”. It’s 15 minutes but covers the whole thing from year dot and is really revealing and humourously delivered:
    3. Here is another vid and this one is even more of a riot for me personally than the ‘it all makes sense now’ vid, again from the Jimmy Dore show, exposing how the USA Deep State (or ‘Permanent State’ as referred to here) keeps the public unaware of the real situation:

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