Gerard Batten’s Plan For Brexit Part 1

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    The Queen swore an oath at her coronation that she would protect and preserve the sovereignty of this nation and pass it on to her successors. She signed into law four bills ceding that sovereignty to Brussels, thus breaking her oath. Unthinking people will say that she has to because she is a constitutional monarch. This is not the case. Our sovereignty is not hers to give away. When Heath brought her the first bill in 1972 she could, and should, have told him he was asking her to break her coronation oath. She would sign his bill but only after he had taken it back to the Commons and told them what she had said. If the Commons would agree to instruct her to break her oath then she would sign, but not before.
    Heath would not have come back to the palace again with that bill.
    But Elisabeth II broke her oath.
    Perhaps she’s more of a German and loyal to Berlin than we thought she was.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Good grief Marv, it would seem that Gerard has put some time into this ! I have waded through it, and one thing is for sure, if this detail had been used on the run-up to the Referendum, I think a considerable wider gap would have been seen in the vote. So many fears are ripped to shreds, and quite frankly WTO terms come across as being the way to go by choice ! My Thanks to Marv and our leader Gerard for a fantastic piece of work, rather boring to a great many, but to an old man like me with time to appreciate it, it’s excellent !

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    I used lots of Gerard’s work during the referendum campaign, one of the best being a list of Questions with answers. The main question I asked of the “undecided” was “If we had a referendum on the EU, as it is today, would you vote to join/” Everyone said “No”. Not a single “Yes” and I asked it in towns and villages of 1,000’s. Hope it helps you all.

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