My Day With Generation Identity

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  1. Mark says:

    Good piece, Darrell.

    “we must pose the question to GI of who when it comes to an election they actually intend to vote for – clearly, they cannot vote for any of the mainstream parties and I would argue the United Kingdom Independence Party has plenty to offer their supporters when it comes to putting their X in a box”

    As a Generation Identity supporter, the choice for me boils down to who is standing. In my city of Worcester, the only choice is UKIP so I will vote for them. However, if UKIP and Britain First were both standing, I’d vote for Britain First given that I admire Anne Marie Waters a great deal. I think that what happened last year between her and UKIP was a mistake and a shame.

    Take care,


    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback. I understand what your saying, in fact, I had a stand-up row with one of Henry’s team in Torquay about the very same issue. Please do check out what Gerard is saying though and give him a chance.

      Kind Regards,

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mark

      By your reference to Anne Marie Waters I think you meant to refer to her party named ‘For Britain’ and not ‘Britain First’ which is the party of Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, currently in prison. I just wanted to clarify this in case other people read your comment and didn’t know the name of Anne Marie’s party.

      Best wishes

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Renaud Camus and term ‘The Great Replacement’, I hadn’t been aware of him or the term before.

  3. John Hatfield says:

    “I did see a fair few people who feel clearly threatened by Islamisation.”
    I think we should all feel threatened by Islamisation, if not for us then for our grandchildren who on current statistics will be a minority in their grandparents’ country.

  4. Pamela Preedy says:

    Every encouragement should be given to GI, considering that it is the future of young people that is under double threat from islamisation and the complacent parliamentary plods who wouldn’t recognise an ideological attack unless it ran down innocent people on a bridge and tried to get into parliament to shoot the PM. Not even then.

  5. Colin says:

    The biggest threat in the uk is the msm trying to stop freedom of speech, look at antifa today in speakers corner..banging drums to drown out freedom of speech by 120db, Tommy Robinson was attacked by a gang of the same antifa mob, he fought them off and where did they run to Islamic centre. Thank god the younger generation are waking up before this country is completely destroyed.

  6. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Don’t put the cart before the horse.

    The people who you associate with in politics is not about right & wrong, legitimate or illegitimate but about getting things done.

    Over the last 3 years politics has become more partisan and the ‘overton window’ of discourse for true social conservatives has widened through social media. However, just because the more partisan political climate gives people more flexibility does not mean that we want to full time associate with something that we would throw under the bus a few years ago.

    UKIP also needs to ask if it wants to be, in effect, promoting an organisation which is arguably a rival for recruiting young people and how it would deal with any issues down the road:
    – Is UKIP ok with it’s members also being part of Generation Identity?
    – Is UKIP prepared to stand a candidate if they are or were formerly part of Generation Identity?
    – How will UKIP react if the fake-conservative tory government proscribes Generation identity as an ‘extremist’ group, similar to other more explicitly pro-White, anti-immigration youth groups?
    – Has the knock on effect of associating UKIP youth/Young Independence with Generation Identity taken account of the impact of UKIP supporters or members at Universities? There’s a big difference in the social consequences between a retired, 70 year old UKIP supporter and a 18-21 year old UKIP supporter at University. Especially if said 18-21 year old is a member, supporter or apologist for Generation Identity.
    – What will be UKIP’s stance on identity politics? Will it de-ride left wing identity politics as being divisive and talk about social integration or give it’s ok to identity politics, which Generation Identity is?

    UKIP has built it’s brand on a civic Nationalist platform of lower net migration and stopping illegal migration. Farage and other prominent individuals have in the past communicated that one of the reasons to oppose the EU is that it discriminates against commonwealth immigration (predominantly non-White). This is a fallback for many people. How many of UKIP’s current crop of public candidates would be supportive of (or able to) run as candidates with a party that has gone out of it’s way to position itself in association with Generation Identity?

    Let’s not be naive. Everytime a positive article about Generation identity is posted on a UKIP website, a GI figure being invited to a UKIP meeting (Young Independenace) it’s political actives being shared on social media by UKIP members & candidates, it’s activists and associates being defended (which Farage somewhat did with Sourthern-Pettibone-Sneller) it increases the parties association. While it seems nothing on the surface for a partisan media and political enemies from the far-left to fake-conservatives this fits their narrative of UKIP being a .

    On a personal level for many UKIP members & supporters the jump from UKIP to Generation Identity may seem small. However you are moving from reactionary conservatism/Thatcherism/Libertarianism into implicit White-European identity politics. After all the ‘great replacement’ is not making reference to Beret wearing Frenchman or Viking descendant Danes…

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Be very careful on this association, and all similar friendships. Every Party has its own understanding. Think about a reasoned parallel with Christian churches. Both Protestant and Roman Catholic consider The Lord Jesus to be their Saviour, and there are indeed many get-together’s that rejoice in that belief. The two churches are however quite separate, each following its own way on many items of faith. UKIP must emulate the stance of the churches. What better following could we have ? !

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Mike,

      Given the appalling state of both Churches id rather not follow their example lol but I think to be honest what your suggesting is exactly what I am advocating in the last paragraph.

      Kind Regards,


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