WATCH: Antifa Attack Generation Identity Conference

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8 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    This is shocking. That antifa can roam free, masked and use violence against non-violent people with the cooperation of the police tells you heaps about what Britain has become under Sharia May. My advice is provide your own protection in future don’t rely on the cops.

    • Miss Bridgit. says:

      How can a cowardly urban terror group whose only claim to fame is violence while keeping their faces covered not be banned. This country is fast becoming one of those countries referred as Sh*thole Countries

  2. Matthew Goodwin says:

    This is what the far-left have been doing since the 1950’s against groups critical of the demographic consequences of mass immigration. It’s only now down to camera phones/body cams, citizen journalists and people being active on social media that run of the mill social conservatives are aware of this.

    If anything this is ‘light’ from the far-left.
    BBC: BNP member attacked with [claw] hammer (graphic image)

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Forgive me if I am wrong here. As I understand it every British Citizen has the power of Citizens Arrest, this power may be used to detain a “suspect” where they see either a crime actually being committed or they honestly believe that one is about to be committed. You do not have to wait for a masked thug with a steel pipeto actually attack someone, the raising of the weapon in a threatening manner is sufficient to effect an arrest. Should the Police not wish to procede we have the option of a Private Prosecution, the problem here is that the CPS can take over then drop the charges. Reading the above the offences range from assault, ABH, GBH, and possibly attempted murder, not to mention ” Causing an Affray”, through to the provisions of the “Riot Act”, itself a powerful piece of legislation.My information dates back to the 1970s and 1980s, and I dare say things may have changed, but we have video evidence, possibly audio recordings and maybe DNA. It would take a fair bit of work, and we would, no doubt, have to jump through legal hoops, but if the authorities will not protect us, we must use all legal means of protecting ourselves. The private prosecution is a powerful weapon, but should a Private Prosecution be drppedby the CPS, anyone distressed or injured by these thugs, and their identity known, liked the grooming gangs, the injured party can bring a civil case before the Civil Bench, a local Magistrate to gain redress in the form of damages, enforceable through the High Court Sherif system ( morning TV does have it’s uses) There are obvious risks in taking any action, the Arrest route, for example, can risk counter charges, but the wording used to have a clause that stated more or less, if you see a crime or have reason to believe that a crime is taking place, you, as a British Citizen you have the obligation to take all reasonable action to prevent the commissioning of said crime. For once the Law uses words such as “reasonable to assume that” for example. Basically, if a member of the public thinks that the thug with a raised lead pipe in the drawing room, is going to beat Professor Plumbs brains out of his skull, he has the obligation to do a number of things, usually calling the Police will keep you out of trouble, but if you happen to be an SAS Trooper on leave, and without risk to yourself you can disarm and detain him. In the incident outlined above, the Police were present, while members of the public were threatened by these aforementioned thugs, they, the Police did not detain them, a clear dereliction of duty, so, surely, if a member of the public scuffers physical injury or mental distress, a Civil Suit could be brought against the Police and Crime Commissioner for not ensuring his/her officers did not do thef duty they signed up to do. Like our Armed Forces, the Police serve the Crown, they swear an oath to the Queen, not Parliament, to protect the Queen and her subjects, I suppose that you could make the case that they do not have to protect the non British Grooming gang, so, in theory, providing a vigilante group did not touch a Brit, maybe it is time to declare open season on them!
    Joking aside, my information is most likely out of date, but, when the authorities do not protect and serve the Community, the Community MUST protect itself and force those authorities to do their duty to Queen and Country, as they have sworn a scared oath to do. The real problem will occur if and when they do not do their jobs when instructed by the Courts, do we take to the streets in a show of Civil Disobedience, an illegal act in itself, but what else can you do when all legal means of protection are ignored. I hope that the followers of Kipper Cental include a number of legal eagles who will consider taking this on “Pro Bono”, and take it through the Courts. Seems to me that, in cases like these, those with the lead pipe have enhanced rights, while the bruised an bloodied injured party has none Somehow our society has become skewed, suddenly a pensioner attacked in his home by 2 men, one with a knife, a fight ensues and an intruder regrettably dies, but suddenly this elderly gentleman is treated as a criminal, no one brings his wife flowers to show the Community cares, no they are for an obscene “shrine” to a criminal with form for assault, GBH and the rest, and when outraged locals wish to remove said shrine they are threatened with arrest. Many sneer at the values of “the Good Old Days”, and those days were far from perfect, but at least, if in difficulty, you could rely on George Dixon and the Thin Blue Line to do the Right Thing, but no more, or so it seems.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    First of all, what is Antifa ? What does the word mean ? Please understand I live in Northampton and may be a bit out of touch !
    The main point is that I watched these videos, and apart from anger, I am so sad that my Country has fallen into such a social mess as this. People that cover their face, know by that very act, that they are doing wrong, and I believe their heads are wrong too ! There is a problem with intelligence levels, and I don’t mean high intellect, just the normal ability of a common man.
    Fred, Joe and Dick may hold very different views to my own, so am I bound to punch their lights out ? NO WAY ! They may be speaking on the platform of the BNP, or of Rabid Labour. First I will listen for a while and then leave. If it looks possible that questions will be invited, I may stay and have my two pennyworth ! Either way, it is their right to air their view, especially at Speakers Corner, so by what yardstick do they consider that they have the right to stop the other points of view being given ?
    As for violence. I was a Shop Steward for the T&GWU, who offered resignation, and promised to be the first blackleg to cross the picket line, if strike action was voted for. With detailed assistance from Dunn & Bradstreet, and our local Secretaries, I arrived at a plan to bring our case to the Shareholders at their annual meeting. There were a few threats, and face-outs by Union members, but all came to zero with the use of logic. Of course those offering violence to me, were workers who were open to facts. What I saw in the videos were closed minds, with a wish to do violence, and probably very little interest in work ! The Police need to be much more pro active, if these idiots know that their heads will be smacked hard, after a short time that problem will disappear !

    • Dan says:

      A good comment Mike. Interesting. The last sentence is a bit open to criticism though. The “idiots” you refer to know full well that the police will not take action against them. As I said above Ukip should look to providing its own security. If there’s one thing the plods can’t stand is when someone does their own job better than them.
      If you are waiting for Dixon of Dock Green to turn up and sort things out I’m afraid you will be disappointed. That sadly lies in the past.

  5. Miss Bridgit. says:

    I believe Antifa is an urban terror group with small franchises found throughout Europe , their trademark is they ALWAYS cover their faces.

  6. Jim Stanley says:

    Since my last, rather long, post, sorry about that, I have done a little research. These individuals by covering their faces and acting as they do are, I believe, guilty of an arrestable offence under “The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994”. The offence in question is “The Offence of Causing Intentional Harrasment Alarm or Distress”. The Act goes on, -1) Uses threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour or
    2) display want writing sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing that or another person Harrasment, alarm or distress”. A Constable may arrest a person suspected of an offence under this Act without a warrant, and if found guilty may be imorisoned for up to 6 months, and/or a fine at level 5, whatever that works out to!
    My read on this is that if a member of the Public, demonstrating or not is physically or verbally attacked by one of these masked criminals, they can inform a Police Officer that they have been attacked contrary to the Act quoted above, and ask that officer to perform his duty and arrest the person on suspicion of the Public Order Offence. The person making the request should make a note of the officers number, so if he does not uphold the Law, he can be reported for failure to perform his duties under the Act. It goes without saying that witnesses should be available to testify at any Court proceedings or I eternal Police disiplinery action.
    The authorities are not doing the job they are supposed to do, so, it is up to the Public to force them to do the job. If every officer was faced with a member of the Public demanding the arrest of these individuals, and the organiser of our side requiring that the senior officer present take action to protect unarmed peaceful protesters from violent masked thugs, preferably under the media spotlight. As the Police seem reluctant to do their duty, it is up to us to force them to do so!

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