LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Labour Councillors Standing To ‘Stop Brexit’

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2 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    This just shows that the Labour Party is made up of the most fractious, unruly, unpatriotic, dithering bunch of leftist chancers one could possibly imagine. In fact, on the political scale, they would be laughable if they weren’t so damagingly dangerous! I sincerely hope and believe that UKIP will be successful in taking much of the traditional Labour vote in May, bringing back common sense to our political system.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    YES, WELL THEY ARE LABOUR, which means that these days, they are a lose confederation, associated to the Labour Party ! When and where they find themselves, will make their stance on the EU. They follow the crowd rather than the Party, because that is the main chance of holding their political seat. It is blatant self interest, without any National leaning !
    Here in Northampton North, we have the Conservative Michael Ellis MP. He stated his wish to remain, and after the referendum stated that as the County had voted at 58% to leave, his job was to represent the majority. The difference being that Ellis addresses a National position, and notes the local result. These Labour Councillors follow the local result, while dismissing National decision !

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