WATCH: Syrians ‘More Afraid Of May Than They Are Of Assad’

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7 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Interesting slant Darrell; it lends weight to the argument not to have fired the missiles on Syria, given the attendant risks we took (expressed by me and others in recent comments on this site).
    As far as I can see, the only certainty is that there are many terrorists in Syria, as there are across the Muslim world. Many of them are fighting and killing each other! Given their crazy medieval religion, it’s not surprising is it? So our best bet in the West, in the interests of world peace, is to leave them to solve their own problems. Otherwise we’ve got a tiger by the tail.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    I rather believe this Syrian christian more than I do the left-narrative compliant MSM and state broadcasting machinery; it corroborates my own findings as to what’s really behind this middle eastern mess. More difficult, but I’ll give it a try, I wonder if Nigel, who I admire immensely, is a tad out of whack with the Left here? The Left (western governments of all stripes, and the EU) want this war in Syria. That’s why Corbyn, who oddly, has a shred of decency about him, yet still wants a political career as a leftie leader, has to tread on eggshells.

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      I do have to agree with your comments Ian. We definitely should not be undermining the leadership of Syria . Wonder what old Treason May has in store for Iran?

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Wowa ! Although I understand and take the thoughts from Stanley, Ian and Margaret, on the values that they intended, I am something of a simple soul, ( as though you didn’t know ) !
    Although the jury is still out on the USA, – Britain and France took action without any conceivable benefits to their singular Nations. The reason for action was the use of chemical weapons. Although I can’t stand the woman, I consider that Maggie May, for once got it right ! Chemical weapons on a battlefield is bad enough, but its use in a town with civilians, is utterly out of order and action must be taken to uphold Law, and quite simply to show the guilty that the use’ is not, and will not be tolerated.
    Assad and Putin are not guilty ? Well Assad has some previous on this ! Putin is by no means clear of Salisbury ! They seem ( to me ) to be ‘birds of a feather.’ Syria, as well as that general area, has so many factions, it would be impossible to take sides ! If you sideline the politics, you would still have the splits within Islam ! We have to keep boots off the ground, but that must not be the reason for turning the blind eye to weapons that are outlawed internationally.
    It is pathetic that Russia and Syria have stated that chemicals were not used ! Are we to believe that the people affected, coughing their lungs up, all came down with the flue at the same time ? Sorry folks, but I just don’t buy into this at all !

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    This is a good source, G Edward Griffin, on the fake chemical attack:
    There is also a Blackstone video showing how the story concludes this was a false flag operation. It’s 15 minutes and you need some patience to see it all through.

    The same GEG source continues with the strategic reason for the USA and Russia being involved in Syria in the first place: Oil. Especially take a look at the vid “It all makes Sense Now”. It’s 15 minutes but covers the whole thing from 2001 and is really revealing.

  5. Ian Edwards says:

    Here is another vid. This one is even more of a riot than the ‘makes sense’ one from the Jimmy Dore show and shows the USA Deep State (or Permanent State as referred to here):

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