OPINION: Do The Right Thing Theresa May And Support Windrush Immigrants!

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5 Responses

  1. David Weaver says:

    I agree Janice. I remember the cinema newsreels of the day and enjoyed the years that followed learning from them about their homeland and eventually working alongside them. The left cannot absolve themselves from blame either, as you have clearly stated ,and their current antisemitism doctrine also testifies. Those people whom have been deported must be repatriated and compensated, those that have lost their homes and employment must be re-employed in their jobs with compensation and re-housed . They are all ” British”therefore they must be allowed to live as any other British citizen without having to qualify their citizenship in the future. We must be thankful to these people for coming to our aid both in war and peace.

  2. StuartJ says:

    I agree completely. These people were welcomed into our country as children, and have grown up and lived their lives here, and contributed so much to our economy, culture and society. Yet our government has now decided that they shouldn’t be here, while welcoming thousands of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants with open arms.

    The left have rightly seized on this as an opportunity to attack the government, but then again some like Lammy and Soubry have hijacked this as a case for more open borders and uncontrolled immigration.

    I’d like UKIP to get behind this and start making some noise about it. It might help to gain some support, as well as put to bed these ‘myths’ that UKIP is somehow an ‘anti-immigration’ party. Put it down to an ‘administrative oversight’, and question why our government is not expending the effort to remove people from this country who have NO right to be here or are an ACTUAL threat to this country.

    It is a disgrace how Commonwealth countries’ citizens are being treated in the UK (Lauren Southern, a Canadian being another example), while people who will contribute NOTHING to this country get the red carpet treatment.

    • Alec Yates says:

      I completely agree Stuart. As a Party we should be completely behind this issue. We should also be calling for the resignations of both May and Rudd. May was a useless Home Secretary and is proving to be a disaster as Prime Minister.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is an error of immense proportions, which should, must and will be corrected. This Government have already put their hands up to this, and now it is for us voters to ensure that it is reversed, and sensible payment made for those affected. Such payment will not be accepted as a few hundred pounds either. When actions taken are fully understood, the entry into individual lives by the Administration is like something out of the pages of Orwell’s Big Brother !
    I am prepared to accept that this was an administrative error of huge proportion, and I will hold to that so long as correction is made in good order. It must be quick and with the right financial correction, and then apologised for on an individual basis. It has shown just how huge government is in this Nation, and how the Ministries operate in exclusion to one another ! It has also shown how pointless Labour is, with Corbyn’s attempt to smear Conservatives with the destruction of data, that would have helped these folk ! Corbyn’s attempt failed when it emerged that his Party took the decision to destroy such useful data. He sits next to Abbott. The Punch and Judy of the Commons ! ……. and they still consider that they are the Government in waiting ! ( In a pig’s arse ) !

  4. Jake Bennett says:

    The Windrush scandal is going to be bled for all it is worth to stop sensible immigration controls by the left and some of the commentators below may be unwittingly aiding the left’s agenda.

    The Home Office is an operational department as much as a policy department and if this hysteria is blown up out of all proportion it will feel it has to let the flood gates open. Hundreds of thousands of decisions are made in this departments. As they require judgement and discretion mistakes are sometimes made.

    Don’t be a useful idiot for the left. They are far cleverer than the political right and know how to exploit these situations to suit their pro-immigration agenda.

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