FREE SPEECH: Opposing ‘Islamisation’ Evidence Of ‘Extremist Views’ Says UK Border Force

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4 Responses

  1. StuartJ says:

    The fact of the matter is that EU citizens are being denied entry to the UK, despite all this ‘freedom of movement’ nonsense.

    If our government has the power to prevent people like Martin Sellner and Abel Bodi from entering the country for the reason of “Any individual whose presence in the UK is deemed not conducive to the public good will be refused entry, on a case-by-case basis” then in turn it should be able to prevent any EU citizen with a serious criminal conviction from entering for the same reason. Are drug dealers, rapists and violent criminals ‘not conducive to the public good’?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks Darrell, and Thanks for the ‘Authoritarian creep of Government.’ Well put and disgustingly correct. The Home Office might have been able to get away with this if they ensured commonality of approach, but they are not doing so ! This is a glaring example of the fear within Government, and I for one have never voted to accept such an approach by this Nation, or accepted a cloak of p.c. !

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Clearly, I am an ‘extremist’ in opposing the islamisation of my country. I’d rather be an extremist than a hypocritical, idiotic bletherer.

    There are approx 23,000 muslim terrorists/would-be terrorists in this country, not to mention the traitorous scum who went to fight for ISIS and then were allowed back in. What is the Home Office doing about ridding the UK of this despicable rabble on the grounds of “not conducive to the public good”?

    Free speech is free speech: there is no ‘but’.

    As usual the Home Office spouts unconvincing piffle while trying to mask its incompetence. John Reid said several years ago that the HO was “not fit for purpose” and NOTHING has changed.

  4. Jake Bennett says:

    The man from Whitehall clearly feels that life is easier stopping this man entering Britain than allowing him to enter and suffer the wrath of the political left.

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