21st Century Re-Industrialisation – UKIP’s New Raison D’Être

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7 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is just one of the reasons I joined UKIP, and Buddy, I’m here to stay to see the Commons Spring Cleaned. JUST BELIEVE !

  2. Marilyn Catling says:

    I like the idea. It makes perfect sense as long as what is being manufactured can sell in a very competitive world. It would be a dream come true for the North, no question. I support the fishermen all the way, but would like more information on what re industrialisation would look like. It would certainly be a great achievement, and extremely popular. What does Gerard think?

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Whilst I think this is a laudable proposal, it presents some serious challenges. The sad fact is that we can’t compete in manufacturing with the ascendency of the 3rd world (China, India, Brazil, etc.); Why? Because they have more resources and a much, much cheaper labour market. It’s as simple as that.
    What we can do in manufacturing is play to our strengths: We should look at developing niche markets for export (e.g. scotch whisky, premium cars, green energy hardware, etc.) and yes, undercut the EU where possible – it’s a winner’s world and we need to anticipate the direction of market forces .
    Back to basics, I would say that the primary reason why most people voted for Brexit was to take back control. This well-worn string of words means much more than trade and much more than the economy for that matter, although the present government would have you believe otherwise. The most pressing requirement is to take back control of immigration. Surely this should be at the very top of UKIP’s list of policies, together with getting to grips with all the cultural problems which have resulted from serial governments’ foolishness vis-à-vis “multiculturalism”. I’d be very glad to hear the opinion of others on this interpretation and I invite their comments here.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      OK Stanley, you asked for it ! …… I agree with all your points, but would add my wish of making more use of Universities to investigate some items that could be manufactured by us, above and beyond foreign cheaper labour markets. Why wait for bright spark individuals to come up with manufactured items or services, when some good ideas gather dust in University Libraries ? The Banks need to be encouraged, or ordered, to make funds available to new manufacturers. If nothing else, the Banks would have to give critical reasoning against such a proposed new item, which in itself would be of value ! As for multiculturalism, or multi faith acceptance, a new bill, or licence, could be made mandatory. This ”licence” would be a requirement for all non British additives to our Nation, and so long as the licence terms were kept to, such cultural or faith groups would be welcome. I only see a problem for the followers of Islam, as all the others would easily pass. If the licence terms are breached, there should be deportations due to ”Activities being against the public good.” I don’t see this as a change against multiculturalism in this country, and if handled correctly, would halt the change to our accepted balance, and way of life ! It would require a strong Government; are, there’s the rub !

      • Stanley Cutts says:

        Thank you Mike – food for thought. By discussion, we get ideas; by ideas we get progress! But yes, we desperately need strong Government.

  4. forthurst says:

    We’ve already got the Northern Powerhouse; vacuous aspirations without detailed policies to support them are simply not worth debating.

  5. John Ferguson says:

    I do not think any party would seriously argue against the vision of re-industrialising. However if members of UKIP were & are serious about fighting for the principle & the mantra of “we want our country back”, I would politely suggest that raison D’etre still exists & has not been achieved yet simply by an impending exit from the EU. There is the unresolved matter of the damage done to this country as a whole 20 odd years ago by New Labour who took advantage of their massive majority as a mandate, to proceed with forcing many fundamental constitutional changes on many walks of life in this country, some questionable, not necessarily progress & in hindsight retrograde measures. In particular devolved administrations & assemblies, which have in many instances inadvertently & sometimes deliberately, sown nothing but disharmony, division & grievance amongst the nation as a whole. While many people in Ireland, Wales & Scotland are becoming increasingly conscious & fully awareof this, it seems to me that the vast majority of the largest population in England seem to go about their daily lives in a complete daze about the damage it has also done to their country & their own interests as citizens not only of England but of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom belongs to them, just as much as it does to those in Ireland, Wales & Scotland & it is time to wake up to that fact & be prepared to fight for not just part of their country back from the EU but all of it from the assorted seperatists. There is a huge raison D’etre that already exists & market for UKIP, if it could think more widely beyond the blinkers of believing that getting our country back is mission accomplished when we leave the EU. It seems to me there is nobody actively & enthusiasitically informing or propagating awareness of the notion that people don’t just want their country back from the EU, they want all of it back & it is time to start acvtively talking & campaigning to get it back. The notion that what happens in Ireland, Wales & Scotland has nothing to do with people in England & is only a matter for the Irish, Welsh & Scots is all wrong & only what those with a seperatist agenda would have us believe, because it suits their ultimate goal, to Euronorm & break up of the United Kingdom. So it is time to be prepared to fight for it, use it or lose it.

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