“Out Of Touch Cave Dwellers” – Rees-Mogg SLAMS Remoaning Lords

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4 Responses

  1. Margaret Dennis says:

    Lording it over us is going to stop. Reform will happen but not under this current Government. I sent many emails to some of the worst who had really bad amendments to stop us leaving. Not one replied. Come to that the email address to contact our PM states that everyone will get a reply. Nothing yet and as it does not use my email account there is no record that I can find. Their ploys get worse.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    If you had rats in your cellar what would you do? Well, of course you’d get rid of them. That’s exactly what we should do with this jumped-up band of blow-hards. Who the hell do they think they are ? The British people have voted in a referendum – if they do not deliver on this vote, believe me they will feel the wrath of the people.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The House of Queer Peers ! I knew there would be trouble trying to keep old folk interested in Government. When your past your shelf date, you should either die, or do gardening ! I became a member of UKIP, due to the Party’s attitude to the Lords being a copy of my own attitude. ( There were other reasons for being a Kipper too. Come to think about it UKIP’s stance on everything mirrors my own ) ! UPPER HOUSE must end, and this nonsense vote of theirs could be the reason, due to them being NON-ELECTED !

  4. Eric Westhorpe says:

    It’s already been said in JRM address ( Peers receiving large pension from the EU so as to protect their vested interests) the people of this country in there eyes do not matter,all that matters is the monies they can get from the EU to go in there pockets Remove the so called Unelected Peers and put in place a second house of elected people’s from the public,not from certain polictical parties.

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