Traitors!!! – Farage SLAMS Johnson & Gove

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Nigel Farage. You have taken the bilge from Parliamentary Cretins for years now, and I applaud your strength for being able to take it ! We’re all different in ability, as well as temper, and I have just lost mine, big time ! I am a UKIP member ! I voted to L E A V E the EU ! People like me voted for the same ! Thankfully there were more of us wanting to leave, than the other stupid sods ! We won the vote, but we seem to still be in the EU ! W H Y ? – Sorry old boy, but if I’m visited by a cracked brain wanabe Councilor or MP, I have a stick by the door, and I will damned well use it on them, then they will have a real cracked brain !

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