WATCH: Clarke BLASTS Mogg – You Are The Problem!!

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3 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Clarke says that unless we remain in a customs union scam, we shall all be poorer in the future. Neither the Heselclarkes or Sozzelbrys can forecast future economics, but even if they are correct, I would still want to leave without The Single Regulated Market and Customs Union if future generations have the freedom and self-government to restore our once lauded democracy, now sadly gone.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I do hope that Moggy takes the jibes and comments that are being dished out to him, in good part, and in fact as a personal compliment. You see a Brexit champion like Moggy, is the worst kind of enemy to a remoaner ! His weapon is almost unique within Political talk, as he is content for an opponent to blather on, taking too much time, and boring the listener. He on the other hand cuts straight to the matter and his delivery is composed and concise. If he deals directly with Ken Clarke, most of the audience tend to blank out, due to Ken’s age and his repetition, whereas Moggy lets him get on with it. When Clarke runs out of verbal steam, Moggy is seen to rely on the facts, but with an engaging demeanour, tainted with respect ! Personally I cut Ken Clarke some space, due to him being a lifelong EU fanatic, who has always said much the same thing. – ”I love the EU !” It is very different with Soubry. She does not possess Ken’s background, and generally her speech just switches off an audience, with her ”I’m right and your wrong !” ADVANCE MOGGY, AND TAKE NO PRISONERS. PUTTING YOUR COUNTRY AND DEMOCRACY FIRST, IS YOUR HALLMARK !

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    It’s about time that Ken Clarke hung up his boots and called it a day. The man’s been an embarrassment to the UK and to Parliament for many years now. For him to say we need to stick with the Customs Union demonstrates his flawed thinking as well as his disloyalty to the electorate and to the Government. Why doesn’t he do the decent – cross the floor of the House? He would be at home amongst all the other like-minded idiots in opposition.

    As for Anna Soubry, if she tries for re-election, she’s a dead woman walking. Better start looking for a different job, dear.

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