GROOMING GANGS: It’s Time For Change!

Image: Sunday Mirror

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    To be fair Janice, I am sure that individual coppers are all for getting on top of this evil problem. At much higher pay grades, senior officers call the shots, and they may be leaned on from Government !
    It is also a fact that Islam is rather visible in this, but so far Government, probably out of misplaced fear, and stupid p.c. requirement, is not prepared to grasp this nettle. I will also state that as a Father with a Daughter, now married with a good family of her own, I used to take very active interest in her becoming a young Lady. Difficult as a permanent night worker, and difficult to not be seen as an overbearing Dad, but then I was well supported by my late wife !

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    The fact is Janice, whilst everything you say is true, that you have missed the most salient point in your post. It is that most rapist gangs and child abusers in today’s Britain are MUSLIM – and somebody has to say it loud and clear! This, in my opinion, is down to a variety of reasons:

    (1) Whilst most Muslims are fine, the Muslim way of life as dictated by the Koran, encourages less respect for women and girls – and especially white girls who may dress and/or behave in a way that puts them in the Muslim rape gang category of “fair game”. In British society, we completely accept such dress and behaviour in young girls as perfectly normal – and why not? It’s our society.

    (2) We now know that many police, counsellors and other officials have not only turned a blind eye to such heinous crimes committed by these gangs, some of them have actually lied about what happened. This is due to their extreme interpretation of “political correctness”, which is a government inspired disease of our time which MUST be eradicated if we are to see a return to common sense.

    (3) The government must also bear responsibility for its lack of controlled immigration. They have, to a large degree, imported this problem.

    (4) The government again have failed miserably in its pathetic experiment: Multiculturism, which, at best, is a purely theoretical ideology dreamt up by the elite – Labour and Conservative both.

    There are of course other reasons, but they should be obvious.

    So, full marks for your post, but I feel you missed out big-time by omitting the “M” word!

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    Do not fear being called racist. We must protect our future, the young boys and girls (not just females are fair game for these disgusting gangs) who are vulnerable and know not who to talk to.
    To uphold law and order, our previous standards not PCliblabCONgreenetc, this is something that needs to be out of the EU and the NWO.
    Call me racist but sticks and stones …

  4. forthurst says:

    Mrs May apologises profusely to the Empire Windrush generation; the papers have been full of it: enormous contribution to society blah blah. The Empire Windrush was the commencement of a conspiracy to multiculturise us by an internal enemy that hides behind the curtain whilst manipulating our laws to close down debate of third world immigration and to hide the third world behaviours of the importees. Until people have worked out who our enemy is they will blindly waffle about ‘political correctness’ or the Koran without remotely understanding the degree to which we have been the victims of a longstanding all-embracing conspiracy which has created offences on the statute books which only we can be charged with and controls the public discourse through the infiltration of the MSM, particularly the BBC.

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