KHAN’S LONDON: Union Jack BANNED And Branded ‘Offensive’

A Union Jack flag flies in Gibraltar on March 28, 2017. Gibraltar, the British overseas territory on Spain's southern tip, voted by 96 percent to remain in the European Union in last year's referendum. But as Brexit looms, they say that their attachment to the United Kingdom still prevails, unlike some in Scotland who would rather remain in the European Union. / AFP PHOTO / JORGE GUERREROJORGE GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images

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28 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    There’s no London anymore; it’s Londonistan.

    • paul the scientist says:

      indeed what does the sharia court say?

    • Chunky says:

      That’s Labour working for YOU!

    • John Ferguson says:

      Well Stanley, with respect the original source of all this trouble has nothing to do with becoming an istan as you put it. Remember New Labour, devolved administrations, assemblies elected mayors in big cities ? Remember Scottish Parliaments & a devolved Scottish Executive administration that then mutated itself into a self proclaimed Scottish government. Previously unheard of trouble from the SNP & Welsh Labour. Big shot London mayors ? All of this trouble including instances like this one here, are all symptomatic of & have one thing in common, namely mission creep resulting from uncontrolled, unchecked devolved powers. It was all the rage & in vogue at one time don’t you know. However has it made a positive contribution & added anything to the daily lives of anybody other than the big city mayors, assembly members & all their entourages bank accounts ? If UKIP needs something to do, perhaps getting rid of the whole lot would be a worthwhile cause. I suspect large swathes of the country would rejoice at that news.

  2. NickM says:

    What is genuine ‘Offense’ many will be offended by Greenwich Council for taking the decision. Some people would have felt offended when the M25 or the DLR cut through their neighbourhoods and others will be by HS2. Clearly offending someone or even a few people is not a justifiable decision. If an action offends the majority then that is a different matter. I would seem, unless other reasons are disclosed or come to light that this was a semi-racial and semi-cultural decision. This not only offends me, it appalls me. In our modern society of fairness and equality this decision was in all probability was against these values.

  3. Peter Harvey says:

    Has anyone asked Khan or Mrs May for their opinions on this abuse of our national flag??? They must condone it or they would do something to stop this nonsense. Can you imagine this happening in America, Trump would be outraged, as our politicians should be

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This can’t be a serious decision ! It is the absence of our National mark ( Union Flag ), that has brought about the sloppiness towards our National identity. It’s absence could even have had a percentage input for many to have voted to remain in the EU, backed up by their lack-luster flag, that is devoid of great history. If we ban the use of our flag, it will indeed reduce, not Nationalism, but National identity. In any case it is a proud flag, with a proud history !

    • John Ferguson says:

      Sloppiness towards or national identity indeed. Only the shock, surprise & outrage is in itself a revelation, of the apparent disinterest & ignorance of many on here to the fact that all this has been going on systematically by stealth in many other parts of the country ordinarily in Scotland & Wales. In fact it has been going on for at least a decade if not 20 years since New Labour came to power in 1997 & foisted cool Britannia with constitutional vandalism in the form of devolved administrations & assemblies on us all. Apparently it is now wake up time for many people in England because it’s soon all coming to a town near you ….it’s policy now don’t you know. Devolution came along with all of this as perhaps unintended consequences or a deliberate strategy & part of the package. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time & they will say people voted for it & accepted it way back then. However essentially the United Kingdom was being Euronormed with an avalanche of constitutional change, which may have fitted with some trendy visionary concept at the time of this country as an EU member state. However that was then & this is now, the UK is leaving the EU. We need our country back & that means all of it, not just from the EU along with our national identity back. That means keeping & promoting anything & everything to do with our British heritage & culture, in particular our national flag. What is happening with these instances is meddling blatant mission creep by jumped up mayors, councils, devolved administrations et al, when in fact matters to do with any national symbols should be none of their business. It is high time it was all stamped out with firm government action, fines & sanctions at national level.

  5. David Weaver says:

    Mr Khan. If you and anyone else no matter their country of origin find the “Union Jack” offensive Why bother to stay.

  6. Sharon says:

    Same stuff napping in USA. It is BS. We cannot allow them to take the history of our countries away! I am happy you are supporting each other! Here, they are afraid to offend certain people and offend others. I say if they do not know for sure, then leave well enough alone and charge those who destroy historical statues.

  7. realetybytes says:

    They should refuse to remove it, and anyone trying to take it down should be made room temperature. Those offended by flag of the country they live in should be thrown out of country as soon as they make that statement. ANY country.

  8. Sharon says:

    Same stuff happening in USA. It is BS. We cannot allow them to take the history of our countries away! I am happy you are supporting each other! Here, they are afraid to offend certain people and offend others. I say if they do not know for sure, then leave well enough alone and charge those who destroy historical statues.

  9. Terence Hext says:

    Our flag is upside down.!!!😾

  10. Deborah Morgan says:

    Anyone who is offended by a country’s own flag really needs to leave that country. Refuse to remove the flag and fight it all the way.

  11. David Woolfenden says:

    The Union flag is flying upside down which is an International distress signal. Pity people don’t have any respect for their national symbols anymore!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Well David, I think the flag is flying correctly, and indeed IS a distress signal ! All Union Flags should copy this one, until we are fully clear of the EU. Upon total severance our flags should be put the right way up !

  12. Alex Gordon says:

    Many people do not know which way the Union flag has to be flown. The BBC gave a demonstration, last year, but they got it wrong as well (speaking of “left” and “right”), ignoring the fact that flags fly in the direction dictated by the wind. Our Union flag is correctly flown when the Broad white stripes (are) uppermost at the hoist (the end closest to the mast). Seven words that leave you in doubt which way to fly it. Simples.

    • Mike Gascoigne says:

      I learned about how to fly the Union Jack when I was in the Boy Scouts. My wife learned it when she was in the Girl Guides. But that was a long time ago and who learns about it now?

  13. Pete says:

    The Flag is upside down

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      The fact that the flag may be upside down or otherwise is not really the point old boy. The point is that some oinks in local government have seen fit to make an issue out of it and ban the flying of our national flag (upside down or not). Let’s put it this way – if it was the Pakistani flag, or the French flag, or even the bloody skull & crossbones flag, I don’t think there would be a ban put in place! Kapish?

  14. jan juniter says:

    When you guys defeated the Nazis you got your victory present, but maybe it was what you were expecting … the HMS Windrush, which ironically was a Nazi ship before it was captured. The globalists have one hell of a sense of humor, don’t they? Sorry that my 2 american grandfathers who were sent to your island during WWII helped to make it the “shit hole” country that it is, to use a Trump term

  15. harry says:

    Union flag in picture………..Upside down.
    I claim my £5

  16. Roger says:

    This is not journalism, it is worthless propaganda by the deep state designed to stir up hatred. Its a minor Planning issue about signs in a Conservation area. If you like England and wonder why Conservation areas look they way they do its because the Planning system does its best to keep things like this under control. The same laws were applied under Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnston and first introduced by the post war Labour Government. It has nothing to do with Sadiq Khan or Muslims. If you don’t want England to look the way to does then get rid of the Planning system and the whole place will look like that ugly place that everyone lives near.

  17. Avril Green says:

    ‘Lowers the tone’ indeed. I would hardly think so in an area with a chip shop called ‘The Golden Chippy’!
    I wonder if the person making this decision would be brave enough to say that the Union Flags around Buckingham Palace lower the tone there?

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