Labour MP Blames ‘Far-Right’, ‘Fake’ Corbyn Supporters For Anti-Semitic Abuse

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3 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Black is white (and green is no colour), left is right, right is wrong, a man is a woman, a woman is a man, war is peace, freedom is slavery, two and two make five…… etc etc. Those who prefer spouting lies to truth and insisting that lies ARE truth are fashionable at the moment. They must have been reading ‘1984’ and mistaken it for a ‘How to Succeed in Politics’ self-help book instead of a dystopian novel. We are now living in the dystopia.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Who is given the job of checking what is said, or goes into print for the Labour Party, Darrell ?
    This bit really hit home with me. ” There is seriously something wrong with the system if people can get away with saying what they want on Social Media.” No ! stop laughing, this was a serious comment by a Labour Party MP. Much is wrong with the Social Media, but it has to be understood that fact and fiction takes place. May I remind Labour, and this MP that has yet to grow a paid, that UKIP has had much worse thrown at it in the Media, ( social and unsocial ), and UKIP is still here and growing !
    One thing I do like is the lack of handling of the charge of antisemitism by Labour. The cry of lies, lies, lies, and its all down to the BNP masquerading as Labour, does not ring my bell at all. Some true leadership from Corbyn would not go amiss, on this item and so many others. I have said before, that the Labour Party was once a great Party. Its message and ideology was never much to my own taste, but to be fair, it was a party of standing, and as a Government in waiting, used to be believable. Corbyn has made a nonsense of that claim, and needs to crack the whip on his front bench, to get the facts on board !

  3. StuartJ says:

    “Labour MP Blames…”

    That is about as much of the headline as you need to read. All the Labour party seem to do is blame somebody else for thier failings.

    When in Government, they blame the previous Tory government.

    Labour councils blame the Tory government for the cuts they have to make.

    People are tired of this constant ‘blame game’ and to be fair, the Conservatives and LibDems are equally as guilty of this.

    It’s no wonder we have such a culture of “victim-hood” where nobody is prepared to take any responsibility for their actions.

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