Happy St Georges Day!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A millennium of sovereignty, with so many foreign Nations trying to force their way upon us. Not too many other countries can claim that. Centuries of taking power away from the Crown, and passing it to a Parliament. Keeping the Crown as Head of State, but without power, whilst giving the power to a Parliament that has to be elected by the people, at least every five years. ( Still work to be done on that with possible PR ). The largest Empire ever seen, that has now morphed into a great Commonwealth. England is great, but when Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland are added for a United Kingdom, we become exceptional. My pride is very real and always has been, but the people have to use our Democracy with a little intelligence, and use their vote every time. We must never again be led into a union with other Nations, and watch our independence taken away, with our partial agreement !

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