LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Rochdale Labour Leader Says Vote Labour Or Lose Funding

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5 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Sounds like Rochdale needs to have its swamp drained.

  2. Margaret Dennis says:

    Shared this item of an atrocious councillors comments on twitter. Our local CONservative County and District member threatened our local Parish Council with similar actions recently.

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    How much longer is Rochdale going to be in he news for all the wrong reasons? If I lived there I would be disgusted at what has happened under a Labour council. This councillor has to be sacked and even tried for fraud. Get Labour out and UKIP in if the people of Rochdale want changes to their lives, starting with coming down hard on grooming gangs. This is not the Britain we know and love.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is probably a thought, pitched at too high a level for someone like Allen Brett to comprehend, or indeed for a large part of The Labour Party ! The apparent wish to behave like an American 1920s gangster, running a protection racket, should be enough for Rochdale voters to give their vote to anyone, other than Labour ! It is, of course, down to the Rochdale voter to take such notice or not, of Mr Brett’s comments. They can take it as sick humour, or they can take it as a reason for Mr Brett to never again hold public office. Consideration should be given to the perception that such a comment gives, for business or investment coming to the town of Rochdale at all. Rank and file Labour voters might not think that deeply, and only wakeup when jobs are scarce and money is short. But as I have said, IT IS UP TO THE ROCHDALE VOTER, AND NOBODY ELSE !

  5. HeywoodBoy says:

    The problem we have in Rochdale is that you could put a Labour rosette on a big steaming dog turd, and the locals would vote for it. All because their Grandad voted Labour, to be honest it’s the same story with most northern towns, continually vote labour then wonder why their towns are so bad. Will the penny ever drop??

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