LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: UKIP Candidate Targeted In Smear Campaign

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  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    I am in no doubt that Paula’s words are being treated as offensive, because they strike a chord with millions of people who are as outraged as she that these decisions are being made under the guise of Political Correctness. It’s just another part of the dumbing down of a society that would otherwise speak out against what they know to be unfair. The Home Office cannot be seen to be out of step with Islam, as the government would lose its billion pound contracts with the Saudis and been labelled racist. I have only one wish left, and that is that Christians be treated with the same respect, and that Paula’s words are spread far and wide in support of her right to speak.

  2. paul rawlings says:

    paula every word spot on, this country must be mad to let things carry on the way it is. government are causing big trouble over looking its own people. with thanks paul

  3. Gavin says:

    UKIP Wirral did really well last time round in 2014 and took 15,000 votes compared to 27,000 for tories and 33,000 for labour. Basically everyone sees us as enemies and want us destroyed and will use any means, fair or foul, to do so. Paula should quote the RSPCA on halal meat, they are against non-stun slaughter.

    My complaint would be that Paula used to be on social media more when she was one of the Woolfe pack but since joining the NEC barely a sound.

    • Paula Walters says:

      Gavin, I’m never off social media and regularly post my e mail address. Since joining the swamp I spend my evenings answering queries and of late defending the party We ran a campaign to ban halal which reached nearly 28,000 signatures and I was on line daily promoting it. A new one is hopefully starting next week and I am confident that we can reach 100,000 if we all pull together. I have not deserted you, I’m still grass roots and always will be

    • Paula Walters says:

      Regarding the RSPA, I wrote to them . They told me that while they support me the issue is very sensitive. They are all against non stun but will not commit to a ban, As I have said, lower amperage could be used or animals allowed to recover. I would suggest that we are all being conned because money comes before welfare

  4. Jim Stanley says:

    It really is about time that those who try to use religion to defy the Law of the Land, that our Laws are made for all, everyone regardless of their colour, race, creed, culture, sex or any other definition, receives the same treatment under the Law. For good or bad, the Law is blind, and decided upon by society.
    The practice of non stun slaughter has been decided by society that it is not acceptable, because it is a religious practice is no reason to allow it. The practice of having more than one wife is illegal in this country, though why anyone would want more than one mother in Law? Those here illegally should be deported, end of, and our NHS should treat our population, not lose money to support those who have no right to be here. Everything Me Waters says is a statement of British Law, which as I said is blind, so how can her comments be racist, unless, of course, our Laws and Constitution are racist. If Ms Waters were to be prosecuted, Mrs May should be co defendant!
    Just a thought, Me Waters has been acceused in print etc of being a racist, a damaging alegation. Is there a case that could be brought against her accusers for libel, slander, deformation, and anything else we can think of. I, for one would throw some of my pension into the legal pot to fight such a case. For years we have been accused of being racist, and every other sort of “ist” that is out there, I for one have had enough of being pro Brit, and every time I have the temerity to suggest that illegals should be sent home, or that a cultural practice is not compatable with British culture, I am accused of “hate speech”. These people have come to our shores knowing exactly what our culture says, and how it differs from theirs.. I would be expected to accept their cultural practices when in their country, is it to much for them to follow ours. If they do not like how we do things, the answer is simple, GO HOME and take your incompatable practices with you!

  5. Ceri Jayes says:

    Excellent points Paula.
    You have obviously hit a few nerves.
    Please stand again for the NEC you are doing great work.

  6. Paula Walters says:

    Thank you everyone for your support which is appreciated

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Paula, our Laws are being raped, and our Government stands by while it happens. We have one set of Laws that apply to each one of us, and if a Muslim has a problem following our Laws, then he should be shown the way out of this country. Hard, Fast and Accurate !

    • Grumpyashell says:

      They would not trying to smear you if they were not scared of you…in that way it is positive…keep goin

  7. Grumpyashell says:

    Just one thing that never is brought up….why can some have more than one wife…..I thought that’s was called bigamy and was illegal

    • John Ferguson says:

      Well I believe similar situations have been brought up & arisen elsewhere in Western Europe, where officialdom is aware of people who have arrived & settled from other countries where, quite legitimately the person already had more than one wife or for that matter a bride, who would be considered below the age of consent in the current host country of residence. I have heard that when confronted with such cases, civil servants either felt obliged to turn a blind eye or simply abandon the case file in a kind of permanently pending don’t know what to do limbo. On the face of it, It is certainly difficult to understand how that same state’s authorities can then reconcile acquiescing with circumstances like that, whilst potentially seeking to arrest & prosecute somebody else as a perpetrator, if a similar situation arose locally as a criminal offence. But perhaps I am simply being misguided & have been ill informed.

      • Jim Stanley says:

        John, to me it is very simple. Bigamy is illegal in this country. Drinking, or owning alcohol in a Muslim Country is illegal. If I am found to be drunk in Saudi Arabia, I will go to prison and be deported, for what, to our what is not a crime.But a bigamist in the UK does not even get a slap on the wrist, no he gets a bigger house to house him and his multiple wives. He has broken UK law, no matter where, and under what law he married, so like the British drunk, he has broken the Law of the host nation, and should be prosecuted. Both these fictitious law breakers knew the law before they even set foot in their destinations, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the laws of the nation they are in.It is not racist to prosecute a law breaker, indeed, in a way it is showing racism to the host nation when blatant criminality is ignored just because our cultural norms do not accept their cultural norms.

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Paula, our Laws are being raped, and our Government stands by while it happens. We have one set of Laws that apply to each one of us, and if a Muslim has a problem following our Laws, then he should be shown the way out of this country. Hard, Fast and Accurate !

  9. Margaret Dennis says:

    When the truth gets out like Paula’s expect smears but if enough read it they will vote for these words. I shared it on twitter for you.

  10. John Ferguson says:

    Having just read a spate of assorted press allegations against a number of UKIP candidates, this particular candidate’s predicament is happening far too often right now. It seems to me that candidates attempting to D.I.Y. self defend against accusations, responding & engaging directly with the media whilst trying to present arguments to justify themselves, are potentially falling in to the trap of just stoking the fire & exacerbating their own predicament by tilting at windmills. The current situation where candidates are coming forward to put themselves on the front line & potentially receive incoming fire from the media, whilst it would appear UKIP cannot offer any specialist back up to help defend them, is quite intolerable. I would politely suggest, in light of this & the recent experience with the leadership Sunday press immediate resignation fiasco, UKIP & it’s candidates whenever the need arises, have got to have access to the immediate assistance & services of a seasoned press officer once again, as a matter of some urgency.

  11. John Francis says:

    I too am a Merseysider and UKIP member.
    Your work is very much appreciated by many and certinaly by me.
    Please keep your campaigns going and if the Sefton Branch can help, please do shout out.
    Best wishes.


    Khan’s London is bursting at the seams with people, but doesn’t yet extend as far as Merseyside. However, I can’t stand by while this outrage occurs. No, no, no.

    I have just come off the telephone to the reporter responsible (background – BBC, Trinity Mirror); we spoke for 23 minutes. Mostly, me speaking.

    I can get through an awful lot in 23 minutes. I did.

    Worse appears under his name at:
    where a headline claiming Paula Walters has stood down – a direct falsehood, she hasn’t and says she won’t – appears.

    The reporter insists he is not responsible and he will get the headline axed. If it hasn’t happened by tonight, I’m going to the Police and to the Electoral Commission, because to publish a wrong statement that a candidate has stood down in the immediate run-up to an election can potentially invalidate the result of the election.

    I hope this afternoon may mark a turning point in the young reporter’s life. I even think I got through to him, and radically amended some of his preconceptions or perceptions.

    He informed me his immediate boss, a Mr Thorp, “political reporter”, refused permission to actually publish Paula’s words which were the subject of the smear. One wonders why.

    Could it be because the words are not at all wicked or “hate-filled” (as claimed), and instead were just common sense? Surely not.

    Paula doesn’t approve of torturing animals to death (we’re in the 21st Century). Wicked Paula!

    Paula doesn’t believe you can just look at a person and decide whether they have evil intentions or not – we need to do due diligence on those we admit, just like other countries (including India) do, especially when they originate from certain geographical areas controlled or influenced by terrorist organisations whose declared intentions are to seed groups of bona fide refugees with trained assassins. Wicked Paula!

    Further, I was told it was the same Mr Thorp who allegedly decided not to open the article to readers’ comments… I can’t imagine why.

    I asked the young chap to provide me with what he thought was the worst that Paula had published. He then did.

    What he read out seemed a perfectly reasonable and fair observation by Paula – one can’t tell, simply by looking at them, the difference between a genuine refugee and a terrorist (despatched by ISIS/Daesh, exactly as they promised they would – to send thousands of jihadis over, mingling with those fleeing persecution by ISIS/Daesh). In short, Western Europe (it is not just us) needs to do due diligence on the people we let in, unless we want more awful mass-murders. The same diligence that the US, Australia and (say) India exercises, without stupid left-wingers shouting “waaaycist!”. Paula is asking “Dave” (given the date and context, clearly the then PM David Cameron) how he intends to tell while tens of thousands are being let in willy-nilly.

    Wicked Paula!

    This is an appalling smear of an innocent lady and the rags have, inadvertently or otherwise, done the dirty work of Paula’s fragrant Labour political opponent (who fails at the first hurdle in the Google test)

    I will be contacting Mr Thorp
    at the Liverpool Echo very shortly. with a view to hearing his explanation or justification of this outrageous unfairness.

    Unlike their publication, they are free to come and add their side here. Don’t hold your breath.

    • John Francis says:

      Good luck Freddy, I live in Merseyside. The Liverpool Echo has now become a totally biased left wing rag.
      Their cages need rattling.
      BBC Radio Merseyside is just as bad.
      We are badly let down by our media and no where worse than Merseyside.

  13. I agree with everything Paula as said I will be voting Ukip in the hope of getting rid of these scroungers and making them abide by our laws like one wife only pay for two children ban all Halal meat deport all gang rapist along with there family this country is too soft with the Muslims Islam should be banned altogether

  1. 5:54 pm, May 2, 2018

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