FREE SPEECH: Hundreds March Outside Downing Street to #FreeDankula

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    OK Joe Simons. I would not have done what Meechan did. It was offensive, not very funny, and certainly not cleaver ! – There is a saying that states, two wrongs don’t make a right. This seems to fit this situation rather too well ! Meechan overstepped the mark with his daft prank, and had he taken a few moments, he would have seen his stupidity. But then look at the response by the Police and the Courts ! What would have been dealt with by a thick-ear, or a kick to the backside in my day, went into overkill, with a Police arrest and action in the Courts. The Authorities seemed happy to take action, that can only be seen as a kick to our freedom of speech, and all this due to a mindless and dumb children’s prank ! There is good argument for administering a thick-ear !

    • Joe Simons says:

      Personally I would say that in the context of his video the joke was fine. His video mocks the Nazis rather than praises them. He prefaces the video by saying that he wanted to turn his girlfriend’s cute little dog into the least cute thing he could think of, which was naturally a Nazi. It’s worth seeing the evidence first-hand, which has even been praised as funny by David Baddiel, who is himself a Jew:

  2. The real purposes of these prosecutions are
    (a) virtue-signalling, while turning a blind eye to the criminal fascist behaviour of thugs like the Orwellianly-named Antifa, effectively the Labour Party’s militant hit squad; and
    (b) distraction from the disgusting failure on the part of law enforcement (police, CPS, judiciary) to deal with actual violent crime, which spirals out of control in the capital etc., while focussed on make-believe “hate crimes” most of which are sheer nonsense.

    • Simon Blanchard says:

      The real purpose of this prosecution was pure politics, to make an example to others to chill public debate on social media. 3 million views and no one was offended. This will be the first of many other convictions, now the courts have a precedent.
      Notice the Scottish police leaked to the Press that they were arresting Count Dankula and were there waiting outside his house when the police arrived.
      The Sheriff’s court has no Jury trial system, it has bench trials, so the whole prosecution was controlled by carefully selected judges that determined his guilt, before Dankula even walked into the courtroom. Not leave any chances to be tried by his peers in a jury trial that would undoubtedly found him not guilty. Part of this process is also to drag out the “trial” for as long as possible, so defendant give in and plead guilty. However they picked on the wrong guy who was prepared to go to prison to defend his right for free speech.

  1. 6:54 pm, April 26, 2018

    […] On Monday I travelled to London with my American friend – and fellow University of Kent student – Jackson to take part in a march from Leicester Square to Downing Street, in order to support free speech and show solidarity with Mark Meechan, the man who was recently fined £800 for making a joke. This was an event that had been organised by a group called the Liberalists as well as YouTuber Sargon of Akkad. If you’d like to read about the events of the day you can click here. […]

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