LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 25/04/18: Belgium – Europe’s First Islamic State?

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13 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    As much as I agree, voicing ‘forced repatriation’ is a sure-fire way of being targeted by every hard left, liberal wet, socialist, citizens rights group and further guarantees that the UKIP = Racist argument is carried on and on and on . . . .

    • Ian Edwards says:

      I agree Andrew, the Extreme Left will definitely attack. But the way to counter that Leftie rhetoric is to use attack-language back at them and call them: Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic, Anti-White, Anti-European, Anti Democratic, Anti Gay, Anti Women’s rights, Pro Animal cruelty, Pro Slavery, Pro Sharia Law, Pro FGM, Pro Poligamy, Pro Arranged Marriage, Pro Honour-killing, Pro-Rape, Pro Sodomy, Pro Incest, Pro Jizza, Pro Taqiya, Pro Jihad, etc. You get the idea: take every prominent ‘value’ that retarded islam stands for and use it against the Left’s own argument. In fact I would go further and say the Ext-Left, being Pro-Islam are therefore Anti-Existential, which is a form of insanity, so therefore their opinions cannot even be counted owing to the Ext-Left’s death-wish nature.

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    I have been warning about the phenomenon of Islamisation of Europe and particularly of the UK for a number of years and I see this as a real threat, mainly because the various governments of the last few years, being politically-correct, cannot or will not do anything about it, mainly the latter. I am afraid that as regards Enoch Powell who made the famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, he was in essence right, that you cannot allow your own country to be invaded and I use the word advisedly, by those of foreign nations who have little in common with the indigenous population of white, nominally Christian people. I am not here talking about citizens of the Commonwealth who have specific rights to be here and are British citizens, I am talking about those of nations that have little in common with Britain , either culturally, socially or religiously and whose behaviour and beliefs and values are far from those of native British people. Before the Lefties and Luvvies start throwing their toys out of the pram, I should point out to them that not all people from around the world are the same and that even within the same country there is often strife between the various religious and social factions. In addition, I do NOT believe that all cultures are of equal value and that Europe is the real cradle of knowledge and civilisation. I have yet to discover the identity of the African Shakespeare, Einstein, Beethoven, Leonardo, Darwin, Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, Thomas Telford, Christopher Wren, Goethe, Schiller, Madame Curie, Dickens et al, but I am sure they are out there somewhere.

    I am heartily sick of the Left Wing proto Communists and the limp-wristed liberals getting their knickers into a twist about so-called multi culturalism (which patently doesn’t work) and their belief that if we (the UK) accepts anyone and everyone, regardless of their religious and cultural beliefs, all will be right with the world. My message is DO GET REAL and look at history, if you want to see what happens when one culture tries to dominate another in any civilisation you care to look at.

    • Ian Edwards says:

      I agree with you J L Kay. Except it’s more sinister than ‘Get Real’. The political programme has been and still is to diversify all European people out of existence all along into a new brown skinned hybrid compliant race. The plan has worked very well so far, so well that unless repatriation starts soon, beginning with islam, together with a ban on further non European people’s entry, there will be a western Europe with no European people in it within a couple of hundred years from now and a jihad between the ‘new muslim western Europe’ and the ‘old christian central and eastern Europe’ when long held muslim scores come due for settlement.

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    Totally agree with Mr Jim Stanley.

    • Ian Edwards says:

      And me too. Islam is not a religion. When it’s factions are not fighting another (Sunni vs Shia) it’s a cult bent on world take-over. There are 1.5 billion of them so far stretching right around the globe.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    IT IS THE BATTLE PLAN OF THE GUTLESS ! ……. Those who don’t care, do nothing. and lo and behold, it will happen ! ……. For those of us who say ‘Sod that for a game of soldiers’, put your weight, and your vote behind UKIP, and watch this being trimmed down to size.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    Looks like Belgium is earmarked to be FrontLine battle ground again. Do we want a third attempt to save |Europe from themselves? is the first Question . The next one is how soon do we start to try and save ourselves?

  6. Gavin says:

    Bosnia-Herzogovina and Albania are already muslim states in Europe, plus the disputed Kosovo region. And of course there is Istanbul, on Europe side of the bosphorous.

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    The Europeans (at least the sensible ones , like the Hungarians ) have already started to try to save themselves, hence the populist movements by white Christians in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Scandinavia. I’m not advocating a Holy War but at least people in general on the Continent, mainly the indigenous white population have started to wake up to what’s happening. We can’t let a foreign ( for foreign read Muslim) invasion wipe out our common culture and way of life, including our moral standards.

    I have no objection to genuine asylum seekers whose lives are in danger coming to Europe or the UK for that matter, if they wish to work for a living, support their own families, learn English, abide by our laws, become useful and industrious members of society and integrate with the indigenous white Christian population. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened in a lot of cases and we (I mean Blair and Mandelson) have imported unchecked foreign labour with no thought as to the consequences. Perhaps the two of them should go on ‘the list’ (cf Dad’s Army).

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