BREAKING: Tommy Robinson “Voting For UKIP” On May 3rd

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7 Responses

  1. Margaret Dennis says:

    This is great news, he has 711,000 followers on FB. He has grown up (at last) and his voice is being listened to.
    I do not condone violence by anyone.

  2. Andrew Garcarz says:

    Oh dear,

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      Definitely “Oh dear,” if you did not watch the videos with Lord Pearson and Gerard Batten. I thought UKIP members were more open to people who grow up. This particular person has found his feet and is worth at least the courtesy of finding out what sort of interview questions he asks. He held very strong views due to issues before we even started to have those same problems.
      Are you a member of UKIP Andrew?

  3. urquhart says:

    Well worth watching.

  4. Grumpyashell says:

    Not being one who has lots of knowledge of Tommy I went on his Facebook page. The first thing that struck me was he has over 700,000 followers,then I went to the comments after his interview with Gerard…99% positive to UKIP with many joining the party…it is worth going and reading the comments just to give yourself a feeling of positivity and well being…. Do it.

  5. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Both of the interviews with Lord Pearson and Gerard Batten are well worth viewing. There is so much to learn from sensible discussions rather than just submitting to endless media nonsense that we are subjected to on a daily basis.
    I had my doubts about Tommy Robinson a while ago but not any longer. I wish him well and can understand why he has such a large following.

  6. unsungpMaureen Paul says:

    Was in England/London late 80s from N.Z. Loved it ,felt I had lived there in a previous life (no Im not cuckoo) , but could see what was probably the beginning of what England/London have become with the buying up of council houses by Middle Easterners. My heart breaks at this deliberate divide & rule policy of NWO psychopaths. Im in Australia now & tho we have a similar situation here its not nearly as bad as what is happening to Europe. Im 79 years old & probably wont see the worst of the chaos that is coming, but my imagination & logic work overtime – its not really so difficult to imagine. Im glad that at last some European countries have woken up to the subterfuge & that Britain has also some champions – May & Khan have to go, but they wont go peacefully – watch for vote rigging – Soros will be there in the background. My prayers, hopes & thoughts are with you.

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