FREE SPEECH: We Can All Be United Under the Banner of Free Speech, Regardless Of Race Or Religion

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  1. forthurst says:

    The only way of protecting free speech is to remove all laws on the statute book which go beyond providing protection from deliberate acts of violence, clearly intended threats of violence or clearly intended incitement to others to commit acts of violence. Anything beyond these are Orwellian thoughtcrime laws and were intended as such by those who lobbied for these laws in the first place.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In general it is politicians and Governments that set people against people ! Back in the late 1960s, I was into caravan camping through Europe. Italy was my main target, and I arrived before the holiday shut-down in Italy, and selected a high ground site. Two days later the camp area became 120% full, from the 20% on arrival. Suddenly the Heavens opened for a rain storm, and was taking no prisoners. The many tents were part under water, and we caravaners, German, Sweedish, Danish and English, all with massive awnings, called the tenters up to us, and for about 36 hours we were hosts to Italians, French, Turkish, Pakistan/Indian, Israel, Irish and Egyptian campers, all of us helping to dry out tents, sleeping bags and cloths on makeshift lines between the trees. Sounds bad for a holiday ! ? ! I have difficulty in remembering a happier time ! The little grocery and wine shop, just down the road, did great business with people buying for the group. Language was not a problem, due to a limit of subject. Caravan cookers hardly switched off with a Ladies League of Nations stepping in. Tired children being looked after collectively, and a strange sing-song as guitars and mouth organs emerged with so many songs being known by so many Nationalities ! Four Italian Police arrived to check on things, and they were sat down with us and coffee supplied. A German, Frenchman, Irishman and myself, all talking English and drinking and singing together, until the Frenchman, with some emotion, drew attention to the number of Nationalities, all helping each other. He followed that up with a curse upon politics ! With some difficulty, but help from an Italian, I rang my business, and with all in order at home, extended my holiday a further two weeks. Waking up each morning, surrounded by new international friends, before walking over to the beach and being sun-creamed, by a couple of young French lasses, was just too good to hurry away from. Would you run away from Heaven ? We were also a mix of religions. RC, CofE, Lutheran, Coptic, Islam, Jewish, and Sikhs. – All looking out for one another. Nothing gets better than that.

  3. dawn Richardson says:

    Roman Catholic, Church of England, Baptist, Non conformist, Presbyterian, Church of Scotland…all Christian religion, Spiritualist as well.
    We live in a Christian Country, we must be allowed to convey the teachings of Jesus Christ which has brought good values to us in this country 🇬🇧Over Two thousand years..

  4. Grumpy Owl says:

    Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing David Icke give one of his talks in Birmingham. A man who has also been targeted by certain ‘hate groups’ and been accused of ‘racism’ and ‘anti-semitism’. His ‘crime’ is simply for daring to question the actions of the Israeli government.

    I did notice while I was there that the audience was very ‘diverse’: young, old, black, white, Asian etc. Hardly a hot-bed of far-right white supremacists.

    The article writer is correct in their assertion that the ideal of ‘free speech’ is valued by all, and we were all in that audience united by David’s explanation of WHY freedom of speech, and freedom of expression is under attack.

    The main quote I took away and will share with you is: “you are never truly free until you no longer give a shit about what others think of you.”

    The left love the idea of ‘identity politics’ because by pigeon-holing ourselves into these narrow categories of ‘identity’, our focus of perception becomes so narrow that we fail to see or understand the bigger picture, and we allow ourselves to become victims and to be divided and conquered.

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