OPINION: Zero Tolerance For Anti-Semitism.

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14 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Corbyn is the problem, and not the cure ! I am of the opinion that he personally is not in any way an anti-Semite, but his inability to lead his Party, and eradicate the problem, makes his Party a target for those who wish ill to the Jewish people !

  2. forthurst says:

    Jeremy Corbyn supports the Palestinians. Does this make him and his supporters ‘anti-semitic’?

    As UKIP, I believe we should actively discourage proponents of either side of this Asiatic dispute trying to involve us. We joined UKIP because we were concerned about the future of our country because we are patriots – for Great Britain and nowhere else.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Support for Palestine does not make for being anti-Semitic, forthurst ! It depends how far down that road Corbyn wishes to travel. If he addresses himself to National entity alone. that seems fine. ….. Corbyn does not know if his anus is bored or punched, so he is unlikely to know the facts on this question; – just wishing to follow the largest vote possibility that is shown !
      We support UKIP as it puts UK/GB first. It is important that our Party also keeps up with foreign affairs too, though not necessarily in the joining of wars. If this is kept to, I will be one happy Kipper !

  3. Time the population changed course and got a party that stood up for there Employers and the Soverignity of this country , that was fought for and 60 million gave there lives , Now all we see and here by traitors in media and wastemonster is give everything away ta other countries in the world , and have changed our once proud GT Britain , inta a Islamic State and keep saying keep going it’s not finished till we are run by a Muslim prime minister , is it not time ta wake up from yer deep sleep before the desert sand arrives with there camels ?🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚

  4. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I don’t have a problem with seeing the Labour party in trouble with anti-Semitism but I do wonder what so many in that party have been saying or doing to earn such a reputation.
    Ken Livingston is not an anti-Semite although his view of history may be a trifle warped. His ideas about Germany in the early thirties is his opinion just as others will have opinions of those times also. To be anti-Semitic requires clear evidence of discrimination rather than just harsh words or even insults.
    We in UKIP are used to being ridiculed and even insulted but that is what politics has become of late and Israelis must be able to bear their fair share of criticism also. But it seems that we are not just talking about insults or harsh words but a deeper display of hatred although I’m not aware of specific cases.
    For many the thought of allowing a Jewish state to be formed in Palestine after WW2 simply because of Jerusalem is still highly contentious.
    Germany was defeated and ruined in 1945 and the southern part of that country could easily have become home to all those Jews that clamoured for a homeland whilst at the same time sparing everyone the on-going conflict that it has become in the middle east. After all so many Jews came from eastern Europe after the war and would have been just as successful building their homeland in southern Germany as they have been in Palestine.
    But that is all history and I suppose that in the greater discussion of recent events someone will suggest that my ideas makes me also anti-Semitic.
    And that is the problem. To say you oppose the Jewish state or any part of their foreign or domestic policy leads to cries of anti-Semitism when in reality it is nothing of the sort.
    I admire the state of Israel and wonder how they have managed in so few years to have built a country that is so technically and politically advanced. I also wonder why this whole saga is now so full-on with the Labour party and what exactly so many in that party have said or done to have attracted so much attention.
    It is not good enough to accuse someone or group of an offence unless the offence is explained so we can all make a judgement on the accusations.

  5. Janice North says:

    Thankyou for your comments. The article isn’t about whether you are pro Israel or Palestine. It is saying the opposite. I’m broaching the subject of why people are anti Jewish and that it is just racism. And most importantly why is it now growing again? And why is the Labour party hosting it and not dealing with it.

  6. Jake Bennett says:

    “The hatred towards Jews is nonsensical and about one thing only – racism”

    If the Jews are a race, then Zionism is racism; the belief that the Jewish state should be there to serve a particular racial type. If the Jews are a race, then parents who don’t want their children to intermarry are racists, pure and simple.


  7. Janice North says:

    Jake Bennett the Jews were hounded out of their homes, it was about time they had somewhere don’t you think? I don’t think we need to nitpick on what racism is, we all know it when we see it

    • Jake Bennett says:

      Janice Do you actually know what a Semite person is?

      • Janice North says:

        Yes thankyou Jake I am aware that Semite can be used to describe Jews and Arabs alike. However the word anti-Semite, as I’m sure you are fully aware, is used to describe someone who is anti Jewish. We both know what we are discussing here and its pointless haggling over how we describe it, I think you have made it clear how you feel.

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