BOMBSHELL: Davis To Quit?

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  1. Pat Bryant says:

    David Davis has demonstrated in the past that he is prepared to put his career on the line for what he believes in. He has been my only hope for this Government and Brexit. If he goes we can take it that Brexit is off – Fox & Leadsom do not have the strength to hold it together alone.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Yes Pat, but he’s hardly been our Brexit champion. He’s constantly given way and made most of the compromises in “negotiation” with Barnier. I think the absolute best we can do now is put all our faith (a risk, I know) in Jacob Rees-Mogg. He must lead a rebellion in the Brexiteer camp to usurp power in a leadership bid from Maybe/Maybe not. The woman is a disgrace. As far as I can see, he’s our last hope! We need to get out, and get out NOW!

    • This will never be surrendered , the vote was out , no in between S and the remoaners will be replaced by there Employers by force ?

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    I think there are several weasels being exposed by Brexit. One of them appears to be the overwheening power of unelected, establishment civil serpents such as Olly Robbins and his ilk. We can only hope that the true realisation of how badly run this country is, will become clearer and clearer to the general populace and that we can all back a reformist movement when it manifests itself. The political vacuum cannot last much longer.

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    We have always had concerns with the lack of true Brexit supporters in the May(not) government. Why has this “Senior Civil Servant” in such a position of power, as I understand it, the Civil Service is apolitical, there to do as they are told, not to formulate policy, or to act outside a very specific brief. They can, and do advise on procedure, that is their job, to ensure the business of government runs smoothly and, believe it or not efficiently! For a civil servant to usurp the power, as seems to be the case here, is unconstitutional, and for a Prime Minister to allow one of her ministers to be effectively over ruled on a policy matter indicates to me that she is not fit to hold the highest political office in the land. If David Davis does resign on principal, this should bring Mrs May under scrutiny, if, indeed a Civil Servant is performing the duties of an elected appointee, then she has failed in her duty as Leader of the goverment by undermining the authority of one of her ministers. I f she isnotsatisfied with the actions or performance, of course he should be replaced by another democratically elected MP, not a overpaid career paper pusher. Mrs May’s position has always been suspect, as a Remainer, there has always been a question mark over her term in office, so maybe, it should be her, not Mr Davis who resigns. Who then, should replace her? William Reese-Mogg would be the publics popular choice. He is a very vocal Brexiteer without doubt, although I do have my doubts about some of his other political ideas. Should he become First Minister, it would, without doubt create a huge problem for us in UKIP as he is on a par with us in terms of opposition to the EU. A Mogg government would make it even harder for us to justify our existance. It certainly would create a dilemma, with a government following our exit strategy, which we would be honour bound to support, our Leaders policy on immigration and the impact of Islam becomes even more vital. So the Davis Resignation represents a far more reaching “problem” than just the impact on Brexit, it goes to the principal of government, and the position of the Civil Service. Does it confirm, as Sir Humpfrey in the Yes Minister/Prime Minister, would indicate, that the will of the people, as expressed in a General Election is as irrelivant as these comedies portray?

    • John Ferguson says:

      Thinking beyond the EU, UKIP need look far beyond our own doorstep to justify an existance. Jumped up elected mayors, first ministers & assembly members operating far beyond the scope of their brief. Not subject to any kind of ministerial code whilst in office, they even commented , interfered & undermined the country’s national interest & negotiating position internationally with the EU, US & elsewhere. Everything from Brexit to the US election to Trump’s visit. Unrestrained devolved settlements allowed to veer out of control in Ireland, Wales, Scotland & the big mayoral cities. Unless somebody comes forward with new policy thinking very soon to get a grip of the national administrative chaos, re-establish limits, tighten the remit & end the mission creep, there will very soon not be a unified recogniseable country left to need to bother worrying about the impact of religion or having an immigration policy for.

  4. Rob Bryant says:

    Davis has reigned his seat over a principle and stood and won again.
    This is a perfect opportunity for him to resign and stand on a Just Walk Away platform. Would the remain CCHQ dare put up a candidate against him?
    Of course they wouldn’t, because they know he’d win big time and they’d be annihilated.
    This is the real last chance for Brexit.
    JRM could do the same, but as a loyal, vote for everything Number Ten tells him to Tory JRM won’t.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Mr Davis, you must have known from the beginning that you were not grasping a flower, but a nettle ! You have faced a unified adversary in the EU, but you must have known all along that those backing you were far from unified, and without a common approach or wish ! People voted to leave ! The referendum only gave two options, Leave or Stay. – There was no third way offered ! As a Democrat you are obliged to follow the requirement of the majority, and you are by no means alone. My own representative, Michael Ellis MP, was all for staying in the EU, but changed when the votes were counted, and the people’s wishes were known !

  6. Nigel Ely says:

    Honestly, who cares! He is a covert grimacing Remainer and he was on his way put anyway and we all know where he will end up – £300 TAX FREE sobs a day, Dover Sole at greatly subsided rates paid for by the TAX payer and all the trappings of State and titled nonsense.

  7. Jake Bennett says:

    I expected the EU to demonstrate much intransigence over our leaving the EU quite simply because they told us this would be the case.
    The problem is that we have a Conservative Party that feels it is having to deliver Brexit rather than wanting to. Thus, the party has displayed a shocking incompetence in executing the most important issue of our times.
    They have allowed the Remainers (many on their own sides) to gain confidence in thinking they can overthrow Brexit.
    So, I don’t blame the EU for this muck-up I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the Conservative Party.

    I wrote to my (Remainer) Conservative MP to ask him prior to the referendum what preparations were in place for a ‘Leave’ vote in the Referendum. He told me that preparations were being made for all eventualities . Mmmm! – you cannot trust the Tories on Europe.

  8. John Wright says:

    There is undoubtedly a few good Men & Women amongst this Tory rabble, but I make no apology for claiming they are the worst, most ineffectual & incompetent gang of misfits & malcontents this Country has ever been lumbered with, so the nine comments (thus far), quite rightly stating we BRexiteers have no faith in this staggeringly incompetent group of supposed leaders! (I cannot call them a government) will most certainly be echoed by a very large number of our Citizens. It has already been stated that BRexit has been forced upon May & her ministers, but” believers” they are not! Indeed, they re-enforce their dismay & denial almost hourly & thus make it impossible for we ordinary people to believe in anything they say or do? Sadly, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about, but it appears they are hell-bent on, not only destroying themselves, but the desire of 17.4 million people & the worst possible scenario of lumbering our Country with a lunatic communist gang of thugs.

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