FARAGE V KHAN: Farage Slams ‘Virtue Signalling’ Mayor

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6 Responses

  1. Jake Bennett says:

    Only Britain excels at snubbing the president of the richest most powerful nation on earth yet welcomes other unsavoury world leaders such as Mugabe, Ceausescu, Xi Jinping, Begin, Suharto, Assad, Mubuto to name but a few.

    Doesn’t it make you proud of our political establishment .

  2. Ernie Plucknett says:

    MR president Trump…You are welcome here!…I respect the fact that you are the president of the united states of America and i respect the people of America who voted for you!!…

  3. mr trump deserves a state visit. he is our main ally , let these unwanted and unneeded immigrants return or be forced to return to their country of birth or their fathers country of birth and lets have a clear out. well done mr trump our nation that i know salutes you.

  4. David says:

    If only khan actually believed in ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH!’ khan is muslim: muslims hate the concept of freedom of speech and democracy: ergo. khan is talking through his obnoxious arse. With his record, how dare he mention ‘Freedom of speech?’

  5. Alan McCoy says:

    You are welcome President Trump with our open arms.and we will defend you against the likes of Khan

  6. John Ferguson says:

    Right now, there’s more chance of the President of the United States making a state visit to Pyongyang to shake hands with Mr Kim, than London to meet the Queen. How could it ever come to this.

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