The Plastic Con-Trick

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Convenience is a word not used too much, but it is that which has promoted the massive over use of plastic. My late Father was a Family Grocer, as was his Father, and it is within family memory of Grandfather using ‘heavy paper’ upon scales, to receive one sort of tea, and then another sort of tea, for Mrs Smiths requirement, then by cleaver folding of the paper, ceiling wax was used to close the box shape ! But you see the profit is not there today to give such individual service. Numbers now are very small for a shopper to tell a Butcher just what is required. In Supermarkets you finger through pre-packed meat, covered in plastic, and buy what looks right ! We have all been dumbed down, and plastic makes it all so possible ! It will be a job to turn people away from plastic use !

  2. Rob McCulloch Martin says:

    The 5p tax subsidy upay so they pay less tax this is what the 5p bag tax represents you pay 5p or 10p for a bag that bag then is instructed by our government to be sold at 5 p that bag tax is to be given to charity then the company will charge it audit fee and then tax deducted self as you know as a company if you give money to charity you get that money off your tax liabilities so you are actually subsidising companies for something the government could quite easily have banned years ago think about it you go to Primark and you get given a paper bag I think one in a thousand people have had an issue with their paper bags but you’re not charged an extra 5p for taking their paper bag and that paper bag is completely recyclable and recyclable in this country so why has companies not got rid of there plastic bags well wouldn’t you rather company want to pay less intax that’s exactly what the government’s of the day do in my opinion I have seen the Tory Party come out after they won the election from the Labour government and they stated they have closed down thousands of tax loopholes and tax Havens that the Labour Party had created for the Labour Party’s donors but hang on a minute even though in I find them and disgusting didn’t Tony Blair say exactly the same thing when he stormed into government so the evidence is pretty clear whatever the government they will create there own tax Havens and closedown the donors of there opposition parties

    But hang on a minute don’t you the taxpayer fund the running of the Conservatives and the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats there central party funding oh yes you do to the tune of 166 million lbs a year but not one penny of taxpayers money goes into funding United Kingdom Independence Party so is this system corrupt I’ll leave that to your faults

    So the 5p tax subsidy on your plastic bag the big corporations thank you because now they get to pay less tax

  3. Janice North says:

    Im all for paper bags. Ive had this debate in shops many times – and I always use the ‘Primark does it why cant you’ argument but of course Im talking to the wrong people – the poor old shop staff!

  4. Janice North says:

    Mike I do understand I know it would be hard to go back to individual service. But I guess we also do consume far too much of everything now inclduign food, and waste tons too. Nothing is appreciated. I object to the 5p tax on bags but I know it has helped to stop people using them. But then the shops could just change to paper ones as Rob says. Or how about giving regular shoppers a cotton bag instead of a free drink in a plastic cup? 🙂

  5. Grumpy Owl says:

    I responsibly put out my rubbish for my local council to collect. I responsibly sort my rubbish as to whether it can be recycled or not. My council (Birmingham) provides two wheelie bins, one for recyclables and one for other household rubbish.
    So my objection is to the insinuation that somehow it is MY fault that our seas are being polluted by plastic bottles and non-recyclable plastic containers. What happens to my waste after it is collected I do not know. But I DO know that I am not personally dumping my rubbish on our streets and in our seas.
    Because a small number of people are irresponsible enough to just throw their empty plastic bottles and other rubbish into a nearby canal or river, or onto a pavement, thus making it ‘somebody else’s problem’, I am appalled that I should have to be punished as a result. Because I can guarantee you one thing, prices of food products WILL go up. And regardless of whether these food products are presented in ‘plastic-free recyclable biodegradable resuable packaging’, there will be people who will continue to just discard them everywhere.

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