Trump BLASTS EU: We’re Not Doing Business!

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6 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    At least there’s one modern Head of State who has his head screwed on regarding the poisonous EU.
    How I wish we had The Donald running the so-called BREXIT “negotiations”.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I can’t stand Donald Trump, in fact if I saw him I would probably take evasive action ! I am an Englishman and he is a Yank, and no doubt he would not like me ! NOW TO FACTS. He will put the USA first. – Well why not ? He is the Head of State to a massive Nation, a Nation that has been on our side through two World Wars. ( Late to enter, but very welcome each time ). He is what he is, a loud, tweeting guy who is probably in a job a little too large for him ! Do we become friendly ? – Of course we do, as Head of State of the USA !

  3. John Wright says:

    You are not alone Stanley! Whatever malicious & spiteful lies are circulated by the “democrats?” about Donald Trump (& we all know who is behind these dirty tactics) he most certainly would never have allowed the EU’s negotiators to gain the advantages & concessions that Mrs May & her ministers have so freely given? She & her inept & spineless gang of apologists ( I will not afford them the title as our “supposed” leaders!) have merely carried on the subterfuge of misleading at least 17.4 million people & probably many more?, by claiming they will do right by the referendum result? This they have quite deliberately & cynically “gerrymandered” so as to circumvent any condemnation by the “string pullers” that they have actually sided-with the people? Our Country, which I am proud to be a part of, despite it being run down by a political, so called “elite?” starting with that treacherous liar, Edward Heath & his gutless ministers in 1973! Has continued to be run down by the very people we elected to put our Country first, but who since that time have singularly failed we people of Britain!
    We deserve far better! We need proper leaders & people with honour & a desire to serve, not themselves, but us! That this Country of mine has been deliberately undermined by such unworthy & idiotic, self serving people is a national disgrace..

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      The entire political elite could be flushed down the toilet John, just as soon as the voters realise what power they have in their vote ! Whilst people cling to Left or Right in politics, the same drips will be returned to the Commons. The moment that voters take it into their hands to vote for this Nation, the grasp that the drips have will be eliminated. UKIP is the way, but the voters have yet to understand this, however John, hope springs eternal !

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